Sunday, December 20, 2015

Train to Santa Barbara

Tomorrow [Monday] morning at 5am, a taxi will arrive at Guava Gardens Apartments to take me to the Amtrak station in San Diego. My Amtrak ticket is for the 6am train to Santa Barbara. Uncle Seymour and Aunt Shirley are picking me up for the drive to his home. I will spend three days visiting with them.

My friendship with Uncle Seymour began when I was a child. Seymour is only ten years older than I. There are many good memories in my head of times with Seymour.

The shop
Seymour is a machinist. His brother Daniel [my father] was a tool engineer. When World War II began, my father was employed as the tool department manager at Pachmayr Gun Works in Los Angeles. Pachmayr's shop took on a huge amount of defense work.

Thru my father, Seymour got a  part time job at "the shop" sweeping up the place. Seymour was then only 13 years old. Soon Seymour's job changed to a machine shop helper making machine parts. Seymour knew early-on, that he was to become a machinist.

After the war ended, my father opened his own machine shop. By 1953, Seymour, who by now was a journeyman machinist, decided to open his own machine shop. Seymour and his partner Del, rented machine time from my father. That was how Commercial Tool and Die was born.

I was twelve years old when Commercial T&D began. After school, I would drive my bicycle to the shop and hang out. Many of my best memories came from times I spent at the shop. During those years, I was close with Uncle Seymour. That closeness remains today.

Monday, 7am Train trip update
The Amtrak just passed the closed San Onofre nuclear generating station. The train tracks often go right next to the Pacific Ocean's beach.  Wow! Sooooo beautiful.

The Sun just began shining on the ocean's waters. Now and then surf board riders are seen riding the waves.

The Amtrak is so much better than driving!

8:30am - Chet Atkins in 1987
As the Amtrak train moved north, I used YouTube to tune into a Chet Atkins video for a 1987 performance. I love the way Chet Atkins played his guitar!

Thru the magic of the internet and YouTube, this morning I am able to see and hear his 1987 guests. Some of those guests are Mark Knopfler, the Everly Brothers, Emmylou Harris, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson.

Many of these guests have passed on. Even Chet Atkins is gone. But they all are with me on the train this morning.

God! What a miracle!

Judging others
Looking up the biographies of these Chet Atkins guests, I read how some of them were hounded by government and law enforcement. Willie Nelson was especially hounded and judged because of marijuana using.

It has occurred to me many times, over the years, that this World of ours would be a much better place if people simply stopped judging others! Who are these people who judge others? What right do those judging people have to judge others on acts that cause no harm to anybody?

Would terrorism the world over mostly disappear forever if those terrorists simply stopped their judging ways?


  1. George, thanks for sharing your memories and present activities, you are a fascinating person!

  2. Great memories! You will have a lot of catching up to do. Have a very Merry Christmas George!

  3. George, it is good to see you posting more on your blog. You have made your way into so many hearts and we love reading what you write. You were missed and we are happy you are back blogging regularly. Blessings to you and enjoy your visit with your Aunt and Uncle.

  4. George, It's wonderful reading your updates. I (and the Mac's) have missed them so much!! Thank you! Have a wonderful visit with your family (and a safe trip). We'll be looking for your 'trip report.' Best wishes!!

  5. Merry Christmas George. Sure glad you are blogging again. Love reading about your thoughts and activities

  6. Just curious, what happened to Commercial T and D?

    1. Commercial Tool and Die spawned two companies. In 1960, CTD Machines began manufacturing and distributing a line of circular blade cut off machines. In 1965, Punch Press Products was created to be a manufacturer of stamped metal parts. Also, contract manufacturing.

      CTD Machines was sold during the 2000s and Seymour is no longer involved. Punch Press Products is still owned by Del Molinari [Seymour's former partner] and is one of the largest stamping shops in the Western United States.

  7. Have a wonderful time George, thanks for sharing.

  8. So great to see you posting more lately, George. I always am happy when I read your posts. You are a very interesting man that has led a very interesting life.

    Have a great time visiting your Aunt and Uncle. May God continue to bless you.

  9. Yes, George, enjoy your time with Uncle Seymour and Aunt Shirley. I remember many of your trips to see them over the years. Nice to know a little more about them. Fun to be reading frequent posts from Jorge!

  10. Happy to see you are still posting.

    I've enjoyed your posts and travels through the years and even though you may not think what you post now is interesting to your readers I still enjoy it.

    It is like reconnecting with a long time good friend. Sometimes you don't have to say much to an old friend, just being there is enough.

    Enjoy your visit George.

  11. Hello George, your post are like talking with while sipping tea or listening to a friend talk. I remember many stories you told what it was like in Los Angeles when you were young and how you love to listen to Frank Sinatra. Your first date, etc. I was always amazed at how you managed to get out of any predicament i.e. getting your RV stuck in sand. I can visualize the surfers out on the ocean in their wet suits riding the waves. Merry Christmas and enjoy your visit.

  12. It's such a treat to read you again! It's awesome to see life through your eyes. Thank you George.