Friday, January 15, 2016

Busy Friday

So much happened today! It was a fun day. And a busy day.

John drove over to my Guava Apartment at 9am. We had reservations at Sycuan's Pine Glen Golf Course. One more from our golfing bunch arrived. His name is Jere, and he is a real good golfer. The best of our bunch.

I did really good on the course today! My game is coming together!

Honda FIT collision repair
A lady from Elite Auto Collision phoned while I was golfing. My Honda FIT is ready for pickup. Wow! Took a long time to get that car back to me. The accident happened on December 10th!

John dropped me off at Elite so I could get my Honda.

Note 1: More blog coming later on! It's only 8:22pm, but I ran out of gas and must go to bed now.

Note 2: I'm back now. Good sleep. It's 6:42am Saturday.

Now that I have my car back, I am able to pick up a picture that I had framed. That pic was too big to carry on my bike, inside my backpack. It's a very unusual pic of the Earth!

Earthrise is a photo of the Earth
by astronaut William Anders in 1968
Apollo 8 Mission

Note: I took a pic of Earthrise with my iPhone's camera so I would be able to display Earthrise here on my blog. I edited that pic with the Photos APP. That edited pic that I took is better quality than the original now hanging on my apartment's wall!

4pm - My Vanguard advisor phones me
My retirement funds are with the huge Vanguard Group. An investment management company.

When I first retired, I managed my own investments. Over time I found that I did not have the emotional discipline to deal with all that goes on in the stock market. I was like most other investors. Buying when the stock market was highest. Then panic selling when the market crashed.

During the time when I managed my own retirement investments, all my funds were in accounts at Vanguard. I had noticed the information about:
"Vanguard Personal Advisor Services"
.....but I never paid much attention to what the advisor service was, or how it worked.

When I decided to transfer all my $dough$ to being managed by Vanguard Advisors, I still did not know how it worked. It took over two months time for me to learn how valuable Vanguard Advisors would become for me.

Now, whenever I have questions or simply want to chat about my investments, I make an appointment. I make the appointment online, for a particular day and particular hour of that day. My advisor is always prompt with his appointment phone call. He is also very knowledgeable.

The reason for a phone call from my advisor this afternoon was because he believed that I was making a mistake in drawing down funds from my personal account, instead of my IRA. He patiently went thru what should be done. And after that explanation, it was clear to me that he was correct.

This is the value of me using Vanguard Advisors. My advisor really does look after my best interests. And the cost of Vanguard Advisors is very low. Lowest in the industry!

5pm-Supper at the VFW
Three of the ladies and myself, all from Guava Gardens Apartments, went for supper at the Veterans of Foreign Wars building in Lemon Grove. I ordered the fried shrimp and fish combo. Yummm!

It's a good time going out like this.


  1. I am really enjoying your blogging style and content now. Thanks for the changes.

  2. I was told by an older gentleman one early morning on the golf course, in a round of golf you will hill only 5-7 great shots. Those 5-7 great shots will keep you coming back to this game for a life time. He hit short but straight. Enjoy your game.

  3. Loving you blogging more and how happy you are. We are on the Isla until tomorrow and will be going to Las Jaibas for a few weeks. So sorry our paths did not cross this year when you were in Mazatlan. Looking forward to your trip blogs to Guatemala - I was on a mission trip there a couple years ago - we stayed in Antigua. I still support the school we worked at for a few days