Tuesday, January 26, 2016

D.Z. Akins

John and I went to play golf at Tecolote Canyon this morning. So, this blog post should be titled, "Tecolote Golf", or something like that!

Instead, this blog is titled, "D.Z. Akins", which is a very popular Jewish deli here in the City of La Mesa. John and I went to eat lunch at D.Z. Akins after golfing. There is no doubt in my mind that both of us had a much better time at lunch than we did at golf today! If you play golf, then you know that some golf days really suck!

I ordered a sandwich/soup deal which was supposed to be a "mini" sandwich and a bowl of chicken-noodle soup. My sandwich was the pastrami, and this was huge! Definitely not a mini-sandwich. John suggested that I add a matzoh ball to my soup, and I did! Yummm!

John got a reuben sandwich and could only eat half. And John is a really good eater too. He brought home the half for later. I brought home most of my chicken-noodle soup and matzoh ball.

D.Z. Akins size sandwich!

San Diego Trolley Station
After D.Z. Akins, we headed back to my Guava Gardens apartment. On the way, we drove passed a San Diego Trolley Station that is only a short distance from Guava Gardens. John asked me, "Why don't you use this trolley station. It's the closest to your apartment."

Good suggestion! Tomorrow morning when I am headed out to my Cousin Jacky's place, I'll bike to this trolley station to begin my trip. The San Diego Trolley will take me to the San Diego Amtrak station. My Amtrak ticket includes me boarding with Mariner, my electric bike!

Man-O-Man! What a fun trip tomorrow will bring! :)



  1. Oh my, George, a big yum to that sandwich. Enjoy your upcoming trips.

  2. The food looks very apitizing. When I was a child my mother would make a sandwich with thick slices of bread and one thin piece of meat (we were very poor). When I see a sandwich like yours it makes me say - life is pretty good we are living the high life.