Monday, January 25, 2016

Fantastic week ahead

Today is the beginning of a fantastic travel week ahead for me! In the middle of this week I leave on a two-day visit to my Cousin Jacky. The fantastic part of this Jacky trip is, that I will use Mariner [electric bike] for a significant part of the trip!
  • Bike from Guava Gardens to San Diego Trolley in La Mesa
  • San Diego Trolley to Amtrak Station
  • Amtrak to Irvine, CA (About a 2-hour train trip)
  • Bike from Amtrak to Jacky's home
Guatemala trip!
This coming Saturday, I leave Guava Gardens and fly down to Guatemala for a six week stay. This will be a second trip for me flying out of the airport in Tijuana, Mexico.

The price difference for a round trip flight to Guatemala leaving from Tijuana compared to leaving from San Diego is staggering!

  • Tijuana round trip = $365US
  • San Diego round trip = $873US!!

Waiting for the hummingbirds

View from my kitchen window

Note #1: Not one hummingbird was observed today at our feeders! :(
Note #2: The above pic was taken late this afternoon and replaced a morning pic that had less light.



  1. I saw a flight deal this morning from San Diego direct to Chicago for $80 return. Of course most people would rather be in San Diego than Chicago for the February and March flight deal time frame!

  2. Wow, George, you have a great time planned for yourself in your two upcoming trips! Love that beautiful picture of your terrace garden and hummingbird feeders, too. I also have hummingbird feeders (in the summer) and TONS of birds come and keep me hopping filling them.

  3. Hope both your trips are great, George - will look forward to your posts in Guatemala!

  4. George, I am enjoying your daily blogging so much. I have been missing "hearing" about your comings and goings! With this new writing almost daily, I feel connected to you again, my friend. Keep it up, your life is very interesting to me and obviously many others.

    Have a great trip!!!

  5. Wow George, you are like a flower in full bloom! Looking forward to your upcoming adventures!

    1. Hi Maura!
      Maybe.....before I began blog posting regularly...., I was a flower in hibernation?