Thursday, January 21, 2016

iP Man tripod

iP Man is the chosen name for my iPhone 5s. [The real Ip Man was a Chinese martial artist and master of Wing Chun.] I've been shopping for a tripod for iP Man. Only eight days from now, I leave Guava Gardens for my Guatemala trip. And I really should have a tripod for that trip!

A Best Buy store is very close to Guava Gardens. I thought I had found a combination tripod/selfie stick which had really cool features. But it did not work out. The online instructions showed the handle with a USB port, switch and LED. My handle only had a threaded nut in the base!

It's a weird thing about most of today's electronic gadgets. They come with minimum instructions. I don't get it?!  Anyway, I returned this ReTrak Ultimate Selfie Stick to Best Buy. And now I am shopping for a tripod again.

Buying online
I may have mentioned before, but over the past year, I began buying nearly everything online. It is sooooo much easier buying online, mainly because "everything" is available online. Compared to a store like Best Buy, which only has what they can display on the store floor.

I've got a hunch that retail outlets with brick and mortar locations will sort of fade away. Unable to compete with the new online store., for example.

Bought tripod with remote camera shutter
It took me less than 1-hour to locate the tripod that I wanted including a
Bluetooth Wireless Remote Control Camera Shutter. Click [here] to view what I bought.

And....Amazon guarantees delivery tomorrow! I am not kidding. Amazing performance by Amazon!


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