Thursday, January 28, 2016

Laguna Woods Village

Cousin Jacky lives in Laguna Woods Village, a retirement community that used to be named, Leisure World. Last nite when I went to sleep, I found that it is sooooo quiet here. That's the thing about retirement places. The people living there generally make no noise.

Cousin Jacky and I lived very close to each other when we were children. In fact, right across the street when we were babies. And then, in the same neighborhood until we were about 11 years old. Every summertime, our family spent a lot of time at our Grandma's cabin in Tujunga Canyon, in Southern California. Those were fabulous times for the kids of our family.

A creek ran right behind our cabin, and we made little water dams in that creek. We listened to "The Adventures of Superman" at neighbor Jack McBow's cabin because he was the only person around who owned a radio. We went swimming in the swimming hole dug out by our Uncle Seymour.

Those were swell times, and swell memories for Jacky and myself. And those summers are the main reason why Jacky and I got close with each other and became friends for the rest of our lives.

Our Cabin

Australian Tennis Open
---at Amtrak Irvine Station
My bike ride from Jacky's place to the Amtrak Irvine Station went smooth. On arriving at Irvine Station, I found the TV set tuned into the Australian Tennis Open. And none other than Roger Federer playing Novak Djokovic!

I am definitely a Roger Federer fan! Roger was down, 2 sets and battling bravely in the 3rd set. Will Roger win the 3rd set?! Go Roger!

4pm - Guava Gardens
I've returned home to Guava Gardens. Safe and sound! It was easy. Exciting too! I am sooooo delighted to have dreamed up this way of going to my Cousin Jacky's home.

On this trip I traveled by three modes:
  • Mariner, my electric bike
  • San Diego Trolley
  • Amtrak
I have to admit to you, that my going this way is easier for me than traveling by car. Strange.....but true!



  1. You are a lucky man to still have these close family ties.

  2. A beautiful cabin. A wonderful memory from times passed (or is it past) different meanings but all in the same.