Saturday, January 23, 2016


Earlier this week a phone call came in from Kaiser's cardiology department. The machine in my apartment which tracks my pacemaker, picked up some interference in the signal. Kaiser asked, "Have you been feeling dizzy or nauseous lately?"

I get a kick out of medical people. I believe that they either tell you too much, or not enough. This time, it was too much [made me worry about something I could do nothing about]. When I had cancer back in 2002, my oncologist did not mention to me that my upcoming chemotherapy would play havoc with my muscles  for 5+ years (ie; I could not lift up my legs in the shower in order to wash my feet!).

This morning I had an appointment at Kaiser's Pacemaker Clinic. Cheryl, a tech, and friendly young woman from the Philippines, hooked me up to a machine which read my pacemaker's activity.  Then she printed out a chart which showed my heart beats. Each beat represented by a jump in a squiggly line.

"This is why we called you in", Cheryl told me. She pointed to a place on the graph where the line began jumping a great deal for about an inch (one inch on the graph is 1-second in time). I am going to adjust your machine's sensitivity so that the graph line will be smooth again.

Cheryl told me, "Your normal heart beat is 60 times per minute. Your pacemaker is set at 70 beats per minute. I suggest changing your pacemaker to 60 beats, the same as your normal rhythm". And she made the change.

I couldn't feel any difference between 70 beats per minute and 60 beats per minute.

Mariner to Kaiser
This morning I rode Mariner [electric bike] to Kaiser. Over the past few weeks, I biked to Kaiser three times [about 6 miles one way]. I just love to bike. Much more enjoyable than driving Fitty [Honda FIT].

There is a place where Montezuma Road goes downhill for a mile or so. Mariner speeds up on the down slope to close to 35 miles per hour!

Daily Grind Cafe
I'm typing this blog to you from the Daily Grind Cafe. I was here for breakfast yesterday too! Very popular eating place!


  1. Glad things are still ticking along okay George!

  2. Maybe these medical folks need to follow your blog..LOL! glad to know all is well George.

  3. Wishing you many more years of health and joy!

  4. Better be careful. We need you blogging many more years :-)