Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Packing up

I stayed in my apartment all day Monday waiting for the FedEX delivery of my new electric bicycle battery. Late in the afternoon FedEX emailed that the delivery would be Tuesday. But I am leaving to begin my Mazatlan trip on Tuesday. So I put a FedEX "vacation hold" on deliveries until I return to Guava Gardens.

I am now in the process of packing up for the trip. The staging area for packing up is on my kitchen counter. That is the only place with enough room in my little studio apartment.

Want to hear something weird that popped into my head during all of this packing? It came to me that I should phone my Mom about the trip. But my Mom departed her life in 2002. I guess a lifetime worth of conditioning about keeping Mom informed is still in place somewhere in my brain. I get a kick out of contemplating Mom in this way so many years after she died. Somehow for me it is sort of like she is still alive. Comforting!

There are a bunch of library items that I need to return tomorrow. I was planning to bike over to the library to return that stuff. But the weather prediction here where I live is for 100% chance of rain tomorrow. So, I will use the taxi that takes me to the trolley station in the afternoon to first go to the library.

I wanted to buy a collapsible umbrella during that library trip. I'll need that umbrella during rainy parts of this Mexico trip. I'm probably going to get that taxi to also take me to Target to buy an umbrella. Gotta be flexible about these kinds of things!

Flight bag
When son David died in 2010, I latched on to some of his stuff. Mostly clothing. 1/2 dozen t-shirts, a few nice sweaters. Also, an American-Tourister flight bag. Really good quality bag. David bought quality.

I used that flight bag to go lots of places. Like the month that I flew to Guatemala. This bag has served me well. Now I am flying to Mexico using the flight bag. That David.... Wow!

Entering Mexico
I blogged to you a few days ago that I'm using the recently opened Cross Border Xpress [CBX] to enter Mexico [link]. The only people allowed to use CBX must have a boarding pass for a flight from the Tijuana Airport that takes off within 24 hours. Also, a CBX ticket.

In order to get my boarding pass and CBX ticket, I will use convenient kiosks located at the CBX entrance. Very clever!

Here is today's travel plan:
  • I am using a taxi to go from my apartment to the San Diego Trolley in La Mesa.
  • I catch the San Diego Trolley which in about an hour takes me to the Iris Avenue Station. 
  • Now I will be close to the International Border. One more taxi will take me from the Iris Avenue trolley station to the CBX tunnel. 
  • The other end of the CBX tunnel is inside Mexico at the Tijuana Airport. 
  • From the airport, I catch another taxi which takes me to my hotel located about a 15 minute drive from the airport.
Note about this travel plan
It took me awhile of figuring out how to go before I came up with this travel plan!

I considered a Men In Black shuttle-taxi from my apartment in La Mesa all the way to the CBX tunnel. That taxi ride costs $108, and is the fastest and smoothest way to go. Instead I chose the taxi to trolley way to go described in the travel plan above. I am not in a hurry, and I like to ride that trolley.

I feel good about my travel plan! :)

PS: The taxi guy that picked me up at the Iris Avenue Trolley Station mentioned that a regular taxi would cost only about $60 + tip to go from my La Mesa apartment all the way to the CDX tunnel!

Wow! [Live and learn]



  1. George, my Mom also died in 2002 and I often have thoughts of calling her concerning a recipe or some thought about family history I am unsure of - from there I go to happy memories of our family. I am excited for you for your trip - hopefully we will be headed to Mexico in a few days - wish our time in Mazatlan would cross with your time in Mazatlan. Enjoy every minute and traveling mercies for your trip.

    1. Hi Sandy,
      Thank you so much for sharing about your Mom!

      Would be great to see you in Mazatlan!



  2. Safe Travels George have fun!

  3. Hope you have a good trip and that you have a really good time.

  4. So glad you are talking to us again. Have missed sharing your everyday happenings from your days with Miss Tioga.
    Guava Gardens can be pretty cool too. More on your balcony garden, please.
    Have a great trip and tell us all about it!

    1. Suz,
      It took me over a year and a half in order to settle in to apartment life and become a blogger again. I just didn't feel that I had interesting stuff to share with you.

      After I began hanging with my new friend Dora, my entire attitude picked up! I am sooooo happy about that!! :)

      I have pics of the ton of impatien flowers growing on my balcony. I'm getting the hang of publishing those pics on my blog. Soon I will show you flower pics, Suz. Promise!



  5. Replies
    1. Wait 'till I see you both. You will get such hugs from me!

      Yes! FatFish ribs Thursday nite!



  6. Just got back from an rv trip to Mazatlan. We took the Devil's Backbone both ways. The scenery in Durango and the Coahuilan desert was fantastic. We stayed on the Isla de la Piedra in Mazatlan. Hardly ever use an rv park but we did this time to be with friends. Front row on the beach, couldn't get much better. I don't know if you drink beer but there is a great place called The Beer Company with hundreds of international micro-brews including Mexican. Enjoy and post lots of pics.

  7. George you live an exciting life. Love to hear about your travels. My mother passed away in 1995. Before she passed we would talk on the phone often. For a few years after she passed I would have to catch myself because I would go to the phone to tell her about some relevent event. Doesn't happen anymore but fond memories.