Sunday, January 17, 2016

Remarkable journey

My life has been a remarkable journey! I never knew where my journey would take me until I got where I was going. And even then, all I knew was where I was right now.

I used to believe that I could plan my life. In the 1960s I kept a ledger paper with 20 entries. One for each year showing my financial net worth. By the 20th year, my goal was to be a millionaire! Wow! Pretty shallow goal!

My guardian angel had a long way to go with me before I would be anywhere close to the path of my destiny. I have a feeling that I am close to my destiny path now. That feeling likely means that just up ahead, something is going to thump my skull.

Looking back, it is clear to me now that my life's path went in one direction from birth until March 28, 1984. On that date, about 9:30am, my guardian angel had enough of my nonsense. I was sent tumbling, helter-skelter into the future searching for myself.

The event that happened on March 28th, was a terrible bicycle accident in which I broke my right hip and several bones in my right wrist. By the end of 1984, my 21 year marriage was breaking up and I no longer was properly attending to my restaurant business.

Right path
From 1984 on, I was on the right path to find my destiny. However, I would not actually get to walking that path until the end of 2003. Wow! That's about 19 years spent searching for my destiny. A long time! Very tough time for me.

I am very proud that I never gave up!

My family 1983



  1. More proof that no matter how much we plan, we have absolutely no idea what the future holds for each of us.

  2. Good things happen when we are on the right path mostly because we are not blinded by our own desires -- our eyes are open to what is around us.

  3. Plans are an outline of things you hope to do and if fate allows it some of those things will happen.
    Now we just need to enjoy life one day at a time.

  4. Where is your youngest Johana?
    You mentioned her on Jan. 10th.

    1. Johana owns a home in Northern California where she has lived for many years.