Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Sleep testing

The Kaiser sleep class that I attended yesterday, taught me how to use the little testing machine. [ie; How to put it on and use it.] There is a pic of me in my pajamas below, showing you what I look like with that machine!

If I would post this pic on my blog, I must have no shame at all!

I went to bed about 10pm. Must have gone to sleep right away. Next thing I knew it was 2am, and I wasn't sleepy. So, I got up out of bed and took that testing machine off. As I was putting the machine back into its little cloth carrying case, I found the instructions.

"Go to bed about 9pm wearing the testing unit as instructed. Wear the unit for a minimum of 6 hours......!"

Whoops! Too late for me to read those instructions!! I only wore the unit for 4 hours.

I biked back to Kaiser and returned the testing unit. The young woman at the Neurology desk told me not to worry. "If they do not like your test, they'll phone you. Don't worry about it."

Jorge just before bedtime

Electric bike trips
Yesterday I wrote to you about my bike trip to Kaiser for me to attend the Sleep Class training session. Kaiser asked me to return the testing unit this morning between 6 and 10am. This morning's bike ride went much smoother than yesterday's. Because I now had in mind the route to take.

This route is mostly flat. But there is a section of Montezuma Road where the slope is really sleep. Going down this steep section is really fast, sometimes over 30 mph.

Going up using the electric bike motor while pedaling, I maxxed out at 8 mph, which is pretty good for going uphill on a bike. I biked faster than almost all the very experienced strong bikers also going uphill on Montezuma Road. Of course as I zip by those strong bikers, I know that they are not immediately aware of my bike being electrically powered! Gotta love it! :)

Being a fabulous faller!
Remember me mentioning that I am a very talented faller? I wrote to you about my fall in the Mazatlan, Mexico airport. My observation then, was that I had a big talent with falls. It's true!

This evening I biked over to Yum Yum Donuts to buy one of their fantastic pastrami sandwiches. You're probably now thinking, "A pastrami sandwich at Yum Yum's?! George must have lost it!"

But it's true. Whoever is running Yum Yum Donuts really is a great operator. Yum Yum bakes their own bagels. In very small quantities too, so their bagels are very fresh. 10 different bagel varieties [ie; plain, onion, blueberry, garlic and more]. Their pastrami is excellent. I'm guessing that Yum Yum buys their pastrami from RC Provision [link], because the pastrami they sell is sooooo good!

But back to my falling down  story. Approaching a signalized intersection, I wanted to bike onto an adjacent sidewalk. To be safe, I have to cross from the street to a sidewalk driveway at a steep angle. Otherwise there is a chance of my bike tire "catching" on the tiny curb at the driveway's beginning.

Well, that's exactly what happened. My front bike tire caught on that tiny curb, and down I went. But when I landed, I found myself on my back facing skyward, with my legs up in the air!

Somehow it is always the same for me. When I fall, I roll with the fall thus dissipating the downward force. I have never practiced falling. That's why I believe that I am a talented faller. But I am intending to enroll in a martial arts class to learn more about falling.

Dancing pic
Here is a pic of me line dancing in the Plaza Machado in the City of Mazatlan. Carol [of Carol and Bill fame] took this pic in March, 2013.

The Plaza Machado is a favorite place for Carol and Bill to eat and watch the Friday night goings on. Of course if I am with Carol and Bill, they always invite me to go with them! :)

Jorge line dancing in Mazatlan [2013]



  1. apparenty have no shame at all George!

    And since I don't think you old are you now George? I'm sure you've mentioned it, but I can't remember...

    1. Hi Kevin,

      Don't mind at all! I celebrated my 78th bithday in November, 2015.

      So now I am in my 79th year here on Planet Earth! No aches or pains!



  2. Pretty good to be riding your bike at your age!

    I also have an electric bike and have to tell you a story about falling down in a state park on a slightly hilly area. Older gentleman rode up on his bike to help me up, and was huffing and puffing. Said he had had trouble trying to keep up with me riding uphill! I laughed and told him not to worry, that my bike had a motor!

    1. Hi Grandma!

      Isn't an electric bike grand for we seniors? Much, much better than those little four-wheel electric things that many disabled seniors must ride.

      It is a fantastic thing when a senior is able to reach 80 years or more and is not using equipment for a disabled person!



    2. The best part of an electric bike is being able to pass all those 12 year-olds going uphill! They have no idea the old lady who is passing them has a motor on her bike! Judy - Grandma

  3. Now that is a wonderful picture of you lol in your pj's.

    1. Dear OurAT,

      You should have seen me in my jammys when I had only 40 years!