Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Sweet people

9:20am - Time to play golf. I had just opened my apartment door with golf clubs in hand. Passing my apartment was my friend Rosalie. "I have soup for you!", Rosalie told me.

This morning, Rosalie was walking the apartment hallways for exercise. She uses her walker for help when doing this exercise. Rosalie came to the US from Sicily many years ago. Her Italian accent remains, and for me, that accent is delightful to hear.

Rosalie is one of the very sweet people who live in Guava Gardens. I feel very lucky to know her and be friends with her.

My friend Rosalie

Today, my buddy John and I played a round of golf at Tecolote Canyon Golf Course. The course is close to the Pacific Ocean. So even on hot days, the temperature is moderate. Today was a cold day, and I was bundled up.

By the 15th hole, I felt pretty much exhausted! Recently I had let down on my daily walks. As a result, my physical stamina had plunged.

Exercise at my age is so important to me. And because of a lack of discipline, I had stopped walking everyday. I don't know why I do that to myself? Tomorrow I'm going to give myself a mental kick-in-the-butt and begin daily walks again.

Google Voice Recognition
John and I like to go out for lunch after golfing. I carry my iPhone with me, and we use that iPhone for directions to the restaurant we choose.

Siri is what Apple has named their voice recognition routine found on my iPhone. Siri often does not understand what I am asking. And John, who definitely is not an Apple fan, jides Siri when there are several Siri replies:
"I don't understand the question."

Recently, while I was out shopping, I wanted to get some reviews on a product. Instead of asking Siri, I asked Google. Amazingly, Google understood nearly everything that I was asking. Google even figured out questions not properly phrased.

The next time that I am out with John and looking for a place to eat, I'll use Google. It'll blow his mind! :)

Big shopping spree
11:30 am - I biked off on Mariner to do my errands. Went to the post office to buy stamps and post some letters. Then to the library to return movie videos.

Next came a trip to Dixieline Hardware to buy screws for my golf putter. The "golf ball picker upper thing" was loose. The screws should fix up that looseness fine.

Then biked to Target where I bought boot polish and iron-on patches. Next biked down the hill to the Best Buy store where I picked up a combination tripod/selfie stick for my iPhone.

Really tired!
All that shopping took about 2.5 hours. After that, I was pooped. I wanted to go to the YMCA to workout. But now I was really too tired for a 'Y' workout.

I got to thinking that maybe this is what will happen to me when I get old. Maybe this is the first sign that my time is close to being finished. Then I said to myself, "No!'

I am not going down that easily. Old Mister Time is going to have to fight to bring George down! I returned home to unload my now-full back pack and rest up a bit.

To the YMCA
4pm - I decided to use Fitty to go to the 'Y'. It will be easier to use Fitty than Mariner. Also, I can wear just a T-shirt and short pants instead of bundling up as I do when biking.


Naming notes: 
Readers have been asking me to name stuff on my Team. So, I have!

I am calling my electric bike Mariner. My electric bike is manufactured by ProdecoTech in Florida. Prodeco has named my bike model, "Mariner 7." That's where I got, "Mariner."

My car is a Honda FIT. In my opinion, my car is much too small for the name, FIT. So after thinking about that name for awhile, I settled on, "Fitty." That sounds just about the right size name for my tiny Honda! :)



  1. And Google Maps pronunciation is pretty good, too...Garmin, not so much...

  2. Beautiful post. Don't stop and don't give in!

  3. I have totally given up on Siri. I use Google all the time.