Thursday, January 14, 2016

They are watching

Back in 1956, I bought an LP record. Frank Sinatra's, "Songs for Swingin Lovers". All of my young friends loved that LP and loved Sinatra. We played Frank's records at our socials [our 50s word for a party].

I still love Frank Sinatra. But that LP record is long gone. Now I listen to that same record's songs on YouTube. The person who uploaded that LP record to YouTube, even took a pic of the Sinatra record jacket and posted it with their YouTube songs!

Now, here's the point of this blog post. When I found "Songs for Swingin Lovers" on YouTube, and began to play it, an advertisement played first. Before the song started. I watched this ad because it looked kind of familiar!

The ad was from Sycuan Resort. I am playing golf tomorrow at Sycuan Resort's, Pine Glen Golf Course!? I am pretty sure that this ad is no coincidence. Because I wrote an email to my friend about playing at Pine Glen just yesterday!

They are watching me. But how do they do it?

Booked Tijuana hotel
Remember that I wrote to you about my upcoming trip to Guatemala? Just this morning, I also booked the Gamma de Fiesta Hotel in Tijuana for January 30th, the day before the Guatemala flight.

The flight takes off at 1:45am, January 31st. All I have to do to make that flight is, take a taxi from my hotel to the airport and check in to the Volaris desk at the Tijuana Airport before 11:45pm.

Traveling info for me can get confusing. I'm making reservations weeks before my trip. I don't want to forget details. As I make a reservation, I write all the info down on a small note pad with the oldest note on top.

I could put all that info into my iPhone's "Notes" App. But I'm an old fashioned guy. I like being able to simply pull my notes out of my jacket pocket while traveling.

Sleep test [Chapter 2]
Remember me writing to you about my Kaiser doctor wanting to check me out for "Obstructive Sleep Apnea"? Well, this afternoon, Kaiser's neurology lab phoned to inform that the test was positive! I have it!

That piece of testing equipment that I wore to bed last nite recorded that I stopped breathing during sleep an average of 20.9 times per hour. That's a lot!

The next thing that will happen is that I will get an appointment from Kaiser neurology in order to obtain an APAP machine. The APAP will allow me to breathe thruout my sleep without my stop breathing episodes.

My Aunt Shirley will be interested in this turn of events in my life! Aunt Shirley has been predicting that I have Sleep Apnea for several decades.



  1. It's creepy, isn't it? Google knows everything. Here's an example of a product popping up.

    1. Wow Wendy!

      Thank you sooooo much for that link.

      I am one of Google's publishers. So, I knew before, that reader's of my web pages who clicked on my ads did so because ads relevant to their interests were served to them.

      However, until I read the page that you linked for me, I never understood how Google and other companies selling net ads worked.



  2. Because of all the tracking both apparent and hidden I now only search using DuckDuckGo, they don't track you.

    Thanks for all your postings George.

  3. Think of the internet as broadcast TV. Advertisements pay the bills

    I got rid of Facebook mostly because of privacy issues. They have got to be the worst when it comes to tracking and ads

  4. I write a lot of notes to myself too. Getting old I guess.

  5. I remember telling you that you might have it and to get tested several years ago. Glad you finally got tested. Maybe now you'll be able to do something about it and start getting some better sleep.

    I have it except I stop breathing about 80 times an hour. I have very bad OSA.

    I use a CPAP machine and it's been wonderful. It takes a bit of getting used to but it can make a huge difference in your life.