Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Tijuana, Mexico

This blog post is sent to you from my hotel room in Tijuana, Mexico. This is a fabulous trip! So exciting to be traveling again!

Yesterday afternoon, when I arrived at the CBX border tunnel [which looks more like a hallway], I got my boarding pass for tomorrow's airplane flight and the ticket to go thru CBX. I need both of these in order to use CBX.

 CBX Cross Border Tunnel

This plaque is located in the center of the CBX border tunnel

Tijuana hotel
After going thru CBX, a Tijuana Airport taxi took me to the Gamma de Fiesta Inn, where I stayed the nite. My room at Gamma is lovely.

When I went out for supper, a super friendly taxi guy showed me to the best taco place around. I ate four tacos asado. Yummmm!

When returning to my hotel, I soaked in a hot bath for about an hour. Wow! Do I love hot baths. My room in Gamma is really nice. Hotel appears fairly new. Very clean. Costs $58/nite.

Gamma Hotel has a first class table service restaurant. For breakfast, this restaurant offers a beautiful buffet. Toaster for the bread. Belgian waffle maker. Lots of cut up fruits. Cereal. Three large serve yourself ovens with much treats. Also a cook prepares omelettes or eggs cooked to order.

All of this for 150 pesos. A peso is now worth about 6 cents US. So, breakfast costs $9US. Even here in Tijuana, near the USA border where prices are highest, this price is very good.

Estoy en Mazatlan!
(I am in Mazatlan!)
I want to tell you everything. However, I'm very hungry. Will you be patient until I return from eating?

Eye glass challenged
I am back in my "Costa de Oro" hotel room after eating a delicious broiled salmon steak at a restaurant across from the hotel. The restaurant is named, "Gus Gus" and it is a really good place to eat.

A live band played at Gus Gus. And a group of young girls came by with bongo drummers. The girls attempted to dress like Hawaiians and danced to the drum beats. Their feet kicking high. I went out and danced with these girls for a few minutes. The girls liked me out there with them and a few customers clapped for me!

After returning to my hotel room, my eye glasses just dropped off my head and on to the tile floor. The right lens popped out. Now I am using my computer with only one good eye. The left one.

I have messed around with this situation enough to find out that if I look thru the lower right of the left lens and keep my right eye closed, I am able to use my computer.

Changing hotel room
There is a very loud hammering noise that I can hear inside my hotel room. The hotel is going to change my room to a different location.



  1. Exciting - you love adventure and life is just that - enjoy your trip. That is how we think of our traveling by RV - an adventure!

  2. Good your back on the road again(so to speak,Maz will be great for you.Have a great time.

  3. I sure envy you. Enjoy!

  4. Just like the good ol days, going with George. Can't wait to hear more.

  5. Good on you George, looking forward to your next post!

  6. Great to see you traveling again it!

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