Friday, January 01, 2016


This morning at 9am, my close friend John pulled up at Guavas Gardens. He had made reservations for the two of us to golf at Sycuan's Pine Glenn Course. I had some news to share with John!

I've made reservations to go on two trips!

On Tuesday January 5th, I'm using San Diego Metro's Trolley to go from where I live in La Mesa, CA to the new Tijuana Cross Border Xpress bridge (CBX). Have you heard about that bridge? You may read about it by clicking [here].

With CBX, in only a few minute's walk, I go across the International Border into Mexico. The end of the bridge is at the Tijuana Airport Terminal.

But my airplane to Mazatlan, Mexico does not take off until tomorrow. Wednesday, January 6th. Tonite I have reservations at a hotel about a mile away from the Tijuana Airport.

In order to take the risk out of being late for a plane reservation, I have taken up the practice of leaving one day early. This practice is especially good for International Flights! When there are several connections [taxi, the trolley, another taxi, CBX], any of these could take longer than expected.

I will tell you more about the Mazatlan trip this coming Tuesday.

Cousin Jacky
On Wednesday, January 27th, I am using Amtrak to go visit Cousin Jacky who lives in Laguna Woods, CA. This trip is especially unique because I will be using my Prodeco Mariner 7 electric bike to take me from my Guavas Gardens apartment to the San Diego Metro Trolley.

Then, at the end of my Amtrak trip, I use the electric bike to go from Irvine's Amtrak Station to Jacky's house.

Is this cool, or what?


  1. The electric idea sounds like a real winner, Do be careful, though.
    I am surprised to hear that you are taking a trip to Mexico. Of course you made many friends there. Look forward to learning more about it.

  2. What a fun trip you will be having! The new Tijuana bridge and the Trolley add to it, but a vacation adventure always sounds like fun.