Saturday, January 09, 2016

Volaris check-in

Thru the magic of the internet, I just checked-in for my return flight tomorrow. Flight 591, Mazatlan to Tijuana. And, better than that! I got my seat assignment too. The last aisle seat on the airplane!!

Got my boarding pass too!

Man-O-Man! We live in wildly magic times.

9:30am - Breakfast in El Quelite
This morning, Bill and Carol are driving to the Costa de Oro Hotel to pick me up. I will be waiting at 9:30am out front of the hotel for Bill and Carol to arrive.

We are driving to the fabulous El Meson De Los Laureanos Restaurant in the Town of El Quelite. Click [here] to read about day tripping to the Town of El Quelite.

My blog began in 2003
I published my first blog post in May, 2003. Back then, Blogger was a very buggy website. Blogger had just been purchased by Google in February, 2003, and it would be much more than a year before the big Blogger bugs were fixed.

Blogger used to crash very often! When Blogger crashed before I published a post, all of that post would be lost. Because of crashing, I began the practice of saving the HTML code of my blog post to my computer's cache memory. I would save that HTML code every minute or so, just to protect myself.

I believe that it was on January 1st, 2004, that Google came out with a completely re-written Blogger site. And on that day, every one of my 2003 blog posts disappeared. Just vanished!

When I complained to Google about my vanished blog posts, Google promised to restore them. But after a few months of those promises coming to nothing, I myself began the laborious chore of republishing all of my lost 2003 blog posts.

Rebuilding the text of those blog posts was not too difficult, because I published my blog under my own domain name. So the text was not wiped out when Blogger lost all of 2003. That text remained on my web host's server.

But all of my image pics were stored on a Google website. And although all of those image files still remained on my computer, they were not connected to my individual blog posts. I had to "match-up" those pics one-by-one. Sometimes that matching process was just a guess! :(

It took me nearly a whole year of republishing my blog posts, day by day, before all of my 2003 blog posts were online again.

Those were the days!

4pm - Mary's Ice Cream
Yesterday as we drove by my hotel, Carol pointed out an ice cream store. I'd asked Carol about buying ice cream. So, I walked over there and bought myself a hot fudge sundae!

Mary's is pretty much like Baskin-Robbins back home.

After the delicious hot fudge sundae, I ran into a tiny store named "Brownie's". Where, coincidentally brownies were sold. So I bought some. I just love the sweets!

7:30pm - Gus Gus [again]
I like the Gus Gus restaurant. Not only is the food very good, but the atmosphere is exciting too! I don't know why the atmosphere is exciting to me. Maybe because Gus Gus is located on the main drag of Mazatlan?!

I ordered a cheese burger. Then, I went online and made this 7:30pm blog post to you using the Gus Gus WiFi. My MacBook memorized Gus Gus's password from when I ate breakfast over here yesterday. So I did not have to ask what the password is again. BTW, the password is "SAVETHETACO".

8pm - Loud band warming up!
Gus Gus' band just began warming up. They are sooooo loud! Also, Gus Gus WiFi is sooooo slow!

After finishing the burger, I am heading back to the Costa de Oro Hotel lobby where it is peaceful and the free internet is really fast. There, I plan to watch a NetFlix movie.



  1. George, your posts this week have been just great. You are a master at telling your stories. Keep up the good work!!

    1. Walter,

      Wow! It's been years since I visited you at the station.



  2. You sure know computers! Hats off to you.

  3. I know for a fact that your blog has demanded quite a personal investment from you. I, and MANY others sure do appreciate all that trouble. Take care, dear George.

    1. Hi RNR,

      Yes, a lot of time! But I loved every second! :)



  4. Love that you have so much history in the blogging world and so happy to have you sharing your history.

    Awesome Sauce! LOL

  5. Thankyou for taking us to Mazatlan with you, I have really enjoyed this.

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