Thursday, February 11, 2016

Button sewing

10am - Does it seem odd that I am blogging about sewing on a button during my trip to Guatemala? It's not odd to me, for two reasons.

One is that I am proud of my button sewing skill. And I enjoy sewing and enjoy writing about it to you. When I am on a trip, I always have a small [but complete] sewing kit with me.

Second, is that I do not consider what I am doing in Guatemala any different than just living at Guava Gardens. Well, it is different because I am in a foreign country. But other than that, I am just doing things here that I would do if I were back home.

11am - There is a laundry service close to the three-way intersection on Avenida Santander. The service is on the second floor. When I run out of clean underwear, I take whatever I've accumulated to have it washed.

I don't believe that I have seen self-serve laundries here in Guatemala. 

11:30am - I've come to Ricasoli because the breakfast they make here is very good, and only for 20 Quetzales [$2.60US].

I took a pic of Ricasoli's menu board standing out front to show you. But the pic is being stubborn about transferring from iPhone to MacBook!

Note: Whoops! The pic just transferred. I don't know why sometimes the pic transfers right away, and sometimes not!

20 Quetzal Breakfast Board

Using Photos App
Does anybody understand how to use Photos App on iPhone to copy to the Photos App on MacBook?

Traveler's sickness
Yesterday as I walked thru Panajachel, I got sooooo tired! I was thinking of catching a Tuk Tuk taxi. However, I was able to walk all the way back to my hotel. But I had to stop many times along the way to rest!

Later on yesterday afternoon, I had a problem in the bathroom. Diarrhea! But it was not too bad. Today my energy has recovered a great deal. But not completely. So now I have returned to my room in order to rest.

Shoe shine man
During my morning walk today, perhaps 10 shoe shine boys hit me up for some work. I refused. Because just yesterday, one of these boys had shined my shoes.

I had seen an old man shoe shine guy around town before, but he never hit me up. Today he did. And I gave him the work. As he shined my shoes, I saw that one of his hands was disabled. Nevertheless, he used that hand a little while shining my shoes.

He asked for 6 Quetzales. I paid him 10Q [$1.30US].

PS: Later on I saw the shoe shine man sitting on a curb alongside Avenida Santander. He had his wallet open. He was counting his money.

There were a lot of bills inside his wallet. Yet, there he was, his wallet open, for anybody passing by to see.


  1. George, I was always impressed by the lack of beggars in Mexico. Only in areas frequented by Americanos do they exist. Do you see many in Guatemala?

    1. Hi John,
      Guatemala is very similar to Mexico when it comes to begging. If people here need money, they walk around selling stuff to earn money. Nuts, clothing, items they made themselves.

      I don't see people asking for handouts.



  2. I once had a bad experience across the border from El Paso, the vendors were rude and obnoxious telling us to quit looking and start buying and in our face. We turned around and went back into USA. But one vendor approached us and apologized for the rude ones...said they are not all like that but it was a disturbing experience. Went to Mazatlán a couple years later and the people really looked after us...advising the correct charge for service and items, the good non tourist restaurants etc. So not all cities are the same.