Friday, February 12, 2016


I'm being pretty conscientious with my Guatemala exercise program. It consists of two things.
  • Walking around Panajachel a minimum of 6,500 steps daily
  • Strength exercises at Pana Gym
The walking part gets done half in the morning, and the rest in the afternoon. I've been struggling a bit with walking that far for the last few days. That's because I developed a digestion and potty problem. Took all my energy!

But that's all gone now, and I feel real good again. 

Andy Graham-Hobo Traveler
11:30am - I was standing just across from the entrance to Callejon Santa Elena [my hotel street], when strolling down Principal road came Andy Graham of Hobo Traveler fame.

"Do you want to see where you may buy salted peanuts for 8 Quetzales per pound?", asked Andy.

We caught a Tuk Tuk taxi which took us uphill along Calle Principal. Soon we came upon the Mercado [municipal market]. We walked along the isles of the Mercado until we came to the nut seller, way at the far end of the building.

"How much for salted peanuts?", I asked. "9 Quetzales," the lady nut seller told me.

Over the past three days I have overpaid for peanuts.

The street nut sellers are charging 10Q per oz which equals 160Q/lb. That equals $21US/lb.

Here at the Mercado, I am paying only 9Q/lb [$1.17US]. I believe that the price should be whatever the traffic will bear. But these street sellers refuse to bargain. And one of them got pissed off at me when I offered 3Q/oz [.39US] for nuts that he paid only 7 cents/oz US.

Toilet paper
2pm - If you know only one thing, that thing must be to carry toilet paper in your pack at all times!

I had just bought a cup of coffee and a nice looking piece of carrot cake at Cafe Kitsch, a covered outdoor place at the head of Avenida Santander. Suddenly I felt that terrible call. But I knew of an open toilet just upstairs!

Oh how happy is a person to get to a baƱo on time! Fortunately, I had a roll of toilet paper in my backpack!

After that messy bathroom experience, I returned to my hotel room to take a shower. I am still a bit sick. Got a ways to go before returning to normal.

Tuscani Restaurante
6pm - I am sitting in the Restaurante Tuscani at an intimate table. A candle has been set on my table. Tuscani consists of one small room. There are only six small tables. For atmosphere, the light inside is low. There is definitely atmosphere here!

I've ordered cheese raviolis in a cream sauce which is served to me with garlic toast. The food is very good!

Restaurante Tuscani

My table is the one with my hat

Paper napkins
There is an extraordinary amount of value placed on paper napkins. However, the actual value of the class of paper napkin commonly used in Panacachel is likely only a fraction of a US cent.

The people working in restaurants dispense these paper napkins with such care. Not too many to any one customer!

Speaking from my experience as an owner of three fast food places over a 13 year period, I don't get it?

8pm - I am back in at my Hotel El Amigo. On the way here, at the suggestion of three reader's comments, I bought medication for my diarrhea.

It's called, enterovid [Nifuroxazida 400mg]. I checked it out in a Google search. Looks good.



  1. Can you get over the counter meds for diarrhea? I once got that while visiting Mexico but fortunately it was towards the end of my stay so I get meds when I got home.

    1. Hi Rita,
      Very likely, yes. Strange that this thought did not cross my mind?!



  2. Montezuma makes a surprise visit ! Can you get something at a pharmica in the antibiotic line?
    Glad to see you are exercising properly.

  3. Hi, George. I hope that problem goes away. I am looking at a box of "
    Anti-Diarrheal" caplets from Walmart. The ingredient is Loperamide Hydrochloride, 2 mg. Says to compare to Imodium A-D active ingredient. Maybe this info will help? Good luck.

    1. Hi Rose,
      I am mending well now, with the help of medication purchased yesterday.



  4. When I owned my coffee-cafe, we would give out 2 paper napkins to each customer. One was not enough, and more than 2 we would find unused on the table and you have to throw them away.
    Not only is it costly, about 1 penny per, its a waste of resources.
    I'm enjoying your posts.

    1. Hi David,
      Quality wise, the napkins that you wrote about, are not the napkins that I wrote about.

      So your point about waste of resources, has no tangible meaning.