Wednesday, February 24, 2016

How about the weather?

9:30am - Looking out from my table at Cafe Kitsch, up close is the hustle of Avenida Santander. Looking high, are the hills that look over Panajachel and Lake Atitlán.

Thru all of these views, is the lovely weather, the perfect temperature of this place. Lake Atitlán is at an elevation of 1,562 meters [5,124 feet]. Apparently, this elevation produces what to me is a perfect place to live, weather-wise.

Right now, two shoe shine boys are hitting me up for a shine. I explain that I do not need my shoes shined every day. But that answer does not please either of them very much.

View from Cafe Kitsch

11:30am - I've seen Manuela selling on Avenida Santander many times. Yesterday on visiting the Pueblo of Santa Caterina, I learned that Manuela lives there.

Manuela is a very unusual street seller. She is unusual because of her smile. There is always a smile on Manuela's face. Also, Manuela never ever gets tired approaching prospects. She makes an approach on every person she meets.

A little while ago I watched as two ladies appeared to be buying some of Manuela's weaving. After the purchase was made, I asked these two ladies what they would be doing with the weaving? "We will both place them as table covers in our homes.", replied these women from the Dominican Republic.

Manuela selling on Avenida Santander

27A Burger Joint
6pm - Ever since arriving in Panajachel, I've been wanting a really good hamburger. A couple of days ago, one of the coffee klatch guys at Cafe Kitsch suggested "27A Burger Joint."

It took me awhile just to figure out where 27A was located. And after I'd found it, it turned out the place was not open on Tuesday. So, here I am back for a burger this evening.

Very good burger!


  1. Replies
    1. Hi John,

      No! Five Guys is definitely the best.

      But here in Panajachel, 27A Burger is really good.



  2. Hi George (that was my Dad's name)
    I spent the last 8 hours reading your
    I'm now a big fan. I really like how and what you write about. Maybe we'll play a round of golf in the future. I'd like that.
    Best regards

    1. Hi Mark,

      Your comment is a wonderful compliment for me! Thank you soooo much!

      Golf? That would be a kick!