Saturday, February 27, 2016

HTML code

When I first began blogging in May, 2003, I wrote the HTML code for my blog. Google had purchased Blogger in February, 2003, and Blogger at that time was very rough. Nothing like the smooth program that Blogger is now.

In order to get my blog to have "page turning" links [from one day to the next day], I would manually insert those links when I published my blog.

Years later, when Blogger had its own page turning links, I converted over to the blogger system. However, my old HTML page links still remained. And those links looked very ugly.

Lately, I have been going back in my blog to remove the HTML code that created those links. It's a slow job. But I am a patient guy.

Restaurante Paris Paris
12:30pm - Today I wanted to eat at a restaurant where I had not eaten before. I chose a pleasant looking open-air place named, Paris Paris.

I've ordered "fried fish". With the fish came sautéed vegetables, white rice, guacamole. [30 Quetzales $4.05US]

View from my table at Paris Paris

No begging
I've not seen anybody begging for money since I arrived in Panajachel. There are a ton of people trying to earn a living selling stuff.

Since I began eating my lunch, about 12 boys came by to shine my shoes. A couple of dozen people showed me indigenous craft items. A few ladies were selling woven cloth things.

A popular item to sell is a glass bead hummingbird. All these hummers look like they were made by the same person.


  1. Hey George! Boy did I miss something here. I didn't know you were in Guatemala! The only thing on my bucket list is to *live* in a foreign country! I'm envious! But ... Panajachel?? Boy, does that bring memories. My very first RV trip was with my parents when I was 10 - 1962. We traveled thru Mexico and Guatemala. In Guatemala we stayed at the home of a man named Hanstein (I think) he owned a coffee plantation named Finca La Paz and the nearest town was Panajachel! Have you heard of a place called Finca La Paz?

    1. Hi Chris!

      Yes! I took two trips to foreign countries over the last couple of months. One to visit friends in Mexico who were staying in Mazatlan.

      The second country is Guatemala. I visited Panajachel in 2012, and loved it. So, I decided to come to "Pana" for a month.

      Tomorrow I will ask around for a place named "Finca La Paz."