Friday, February 19, 2016

Lake Atitlán - 2nd look

Last nite I reviewed each of the Lake Atitlán information sites that I linked to in yesterday's blog. One of these sites, on 2nd look, seem to offer the most potential for success. Here is that site again:
As I wrote yesterday. I was looking to find a website that would provide a plan that had some potential for success. Also a site which offered a way for persons who wish to donate, a way to make their donation.

12 Noon - Remember a couple of days ago I went to Restaurante Tuscani and ordered a steak? And remember that steak turned out terrible?

Then, the next day I wanted to go to Guajimbos for steak, because I read on the net that their steak was wonderful. That was on Thursday. But it turned out that Guajimbos closes on Thursday! Bummer!

Well, now I am back at Guajimbos. My waitress assures me their Filet Mignon is spectacular. And being the trusting soul that I am, I believe her!

The steak was not bad. About 7* on a scale of 10*.

I was surprised that the steak was covered with a mushroom sauce. Although if I would have bothered to closely read the menu's description, I would have known.

2pm - Back at my Hotel El Amigo room for a nap. Well, that's what us older folks do a lot. Take naps!

Walking for steps
7:30pm - I'm out walking for steps on Avenida Santander. So far I have 4,124 steps on the way to 6,500+.

I bought myself a chocolate ice cream sundae at the Sarita Ice Cream store across the road from Restaurante Tuscani. My computer has used Tuscani's WiFi before. So, I'm online this evening even though I'm inside the Sarita store.

 I bought the ice cream sundae not because I was hungry. But, it is Friday nite! I gotta buy something to eat.

Avenida Santander is special
I don't know why Avenida Santander is special, but it is! There is something about this stretch of road. It's probably the shops, and places to eat. Also, there are lots of tourists here all the time.

And of course, the constant stream of Tuk Tuk taxis adds to the mystique of Avenida Santander.

View from my table at Sarita looking at Restaurante Tuscani

Step record
Here is my step record for the past week:

8,625  6,091  5,771  7,016  7,458  4,386  6,088
Sat      Sun     Mon    Tue     Wed   Thu     Fri


  1. He George, I'm reading about your first trip to Guatemala in Feb 2012 when you stayed at the Posada de Don Quijote. I love that you are still out there seeking adventure!!!! GO GEORGE.

    1. Hi Greg,

      Yes! For me also, it is fantastic to still be traveling.

      Although I no longer have my RV, MsTioga, I'm still searching for adventure!

      Thank you sooooo much, Greg, for the compliment that you give to me by following my blog.


  2. Hi Jorge,

    Just wanted to say that I have been following your blog for a long time... You inspire me and I tell all that will listen about your adventures.... Keep on going, Jorge!

    1. Hi Monica & Kent,

      Your comment is a wonderful compliment. Thank you soooo much!


  3. Hi George, know this is off subject but we have been here in Aticama so have been thinking of you. It is muy hot but still a nice breeze - sure can see why you loved being here so much. Great place.

    1. Hi Sandy,

      Thank you for writing and thinking of me! :)

      In my mind's eye, I am still able to picture the Pueblo of Aticama.



  4. George if their filet mignon is so spectacular why covered ti up,,,what are they hiding nobody in their right mind would cover up a spectacular filet mignon ????

    1. Hi Mister Ed,

      I gave the steak 7* out of 10*. That does not qualify for a "spectacular" rating.

      So, you and I are in agreement about this steak!



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