Saturday, February 06, 2016


Last nite at 6:15pm, I walked three blocks from my hotel to the Casita of Mary-Pat. I'd not seen Mary-Pat since March, 2013 when we were staying at Hacienda Contreras RV Park in Mexico.

And then, suddenly she was there! We both smiled big time at each other. We hugged, and entered the walled area where Mary-Pat's casita is located. As we walked thru the yard, Mary-Pat's large poodle dog was jumping around trying to make nice on me. I love dogs, and Lacy is a sweetheart!

Mary-Pat's casita is two rooms large. A kitchen/living room and bedroom. Off the bedroom is the bathroom and a walk-in closet. It is clear to me that Mary-Pat is having a wonderful time decorating her lovely casita. And she is doing that decorating spectacularly well.

Also invited for supper at Mary-Pat's is her cousin Linda and friend Mary Mullen (from Ireland). I love to listen to Mary's accent as she talks! Linda and Mary both serve with the Peace Corp taking care of babies and children born with health problems.

Supper was gourmet! Mary-Pat is a great cook.

Later, as I was walking back to my hotel, I realized that I'd forgotten to take pics! Darn! But I promised Mary-Pat a return visit next month. I'll take pics then.

Lake Atitlan
This morning at 8am, the minibus shuttle that I reserved will arrive at my hotel to take me to the Town of Panajachel on the shore of Lake Atitlan. I will be staying in one of two hotels that I learned about from Andy Graham []. I don't have hotel reservations, but am confident that I'll get a room.

My plan is to remain in the Town of Panajachel for about five weeks. As I have mentioned to you before, this is not a tourist type visit. I am not a tourist. I am simply living here. The same as I would be doing if I had remained in my home at Guava Gardens, La Mesa, California. With one fantastic difference!

I am here in Guatemala and not in the United States!

The bus reservation
8am - Marie from the front desk of my hotel walked over to me where I was waiting in the lobby. "The minibus will not be leaving until 12:30pm", Marie informed me.

"But I have a reservation at 8am", I replied.

There was nothing to be done! So, now I am waiting here at the hotel until 12:30pm for my 8am bus to go to the Town of Panajachel.

This scenario kinda reminds me of a Seinfeld episode titled:
"The Car Reservation" [link]

Click the link above. It's a good Seinfeld story!

Hotel El Amigo
4pm - I'm checked in to Hotel El Amigo. First I tried Hotel Posada Don Carlos where I stayed the last time I was in Panajachel. No rooms!

So, I walked across the tiny street [alley] to Hotel El Amigo. There are rooms available here.

I made arrangements to remain at Hotel El Amigo until March 8th.
  • The rental for (31) days is 1,600 Quetzals
  • That comes to 51.61Q/nite
  • In dollars $6.71US/nite
Did I bargain a bit too tough?

My room
There is a queen size bed in my room with a very nice firm mattress. Two pillows [I always use 2 pillows]. Do you see the balcony in the pic?

The shower head makes hot water! Wow! TV.
I tuned into Hotel El Amigo's WiFi. It's great.

The hotel is located on a very small dead-end street. So there will be hardly any traffic to disturb me.

My room at Hotel El Amigo

PS: Andy Graham [] is staying here too!

Ricassoli Pizza & Steak House
6pm - I've walked down a street called, "Calle Santander" and came across "Ricassoli Pizza & Steak House." It is only a five minute walk from my hotel. I like the look of this restaurant. It's quiet here.

Next door is "Pana Rock." A very different place. Pana Rock is pushing happy hour. Not that I am against being happy or experiencing a nice hour, now and then. But Pana Rock believes their music is best when it is LOUD. It is even loud where I am eating next door at Ricassoli!

A person who appeared to be an employee of Ricassoli was just coming to work. "Do you have WiFi here", I asked. She told me that they have WiFi. It is important to me to have WiFi where I eat. Because I enjoy writing my blog at restaurants.

7:15pm - Grilled Pork Chops
I just finished eating the grilled pork chops that I ordered. I was a bit suspicious of the pork chops. Because the price is sooooo low! 35Q [$4.55US] Included is potatoes in a cream sauce, guacamole with chips, soup of the day and tortillas!

This compares to grilled chicken priced at 110Q [$14.30US] With the same side dishes as the pork chops.

Big electric outage
8pm - All of the electricity just shut down in the Town of Panajachel. If I am able to publish this "Big electric outage" post to you, it will be because I am using my iPhone's personal hotspot.

11pm - The electricity here in Panajachel has been cutting out a lot during this evening.



  1. What is the city like? Small and clean?

    1. Hi Rita,

      Panajachel is sort of a mid-size town. Very busy where the shops are located. A bit noisy, because of the traffic [Tuk Tuk taxis].

      Lots of places to eat and drink. Lots of stores. Clothing, etc.



  2. Glad that you got to spend an evening with Mary-Pat and that you will see her again before you leave Guatemala.

    I love your room and the balcony and what a great price!

    1. Thanks, Ruth!

      I really had a swell time at Mary-Pat's supper party.

      The last time all four of us were together in Mexico, Mary-Pat made supper for us also. What a sweet lady!



  3. You are so inspiring George. Even though we don't have our motorhomes anymore, you are showing me that we don't have to stop travelling. You make it look fun and so easy to accomplish.

    1. Hi Joan,

      Here is how it works for me:
      1. I think about a place for me to travel.
      2. I make an airplane reservation to that place.
      3. Travel and enjoy.



  4. So, what I remembered about your last time in Guatemala was an outage, and now, already, there is an electric outage. Is this just part of life there? Like the business about an 8:00 minibus that was going to leave at 12:30? Easy come, easy go? I suppose you will have a great incentive to go early to bed. Do hope the power is back on early!! You know I will be checking here.

    1. Hi Rose,

      I woke up during the night and the light was on in my hotel room!

      Stuff like this happens and I am not troubled much by it.



    2. I so enjoy reading about your adventure and missed you when you were so quiet for awhile. You have the right attitude. Don't get upset, go with the flow. Enjoy!

    3. Thank you, Vera--

      I'm so very happy to be traveling again too!



  5. I am having so much fun traveling with you again, George... Nice room! A bit pricey, but nice...

    1. I'm happy about traveling again too!