Monday, February 15, 2016

Online travel agents

Never use an online travel agent to book a hotel room. Because these agents NEVER tell you the truth.

Worse than not telling the truth. Online agents will lie to you deliberately and tell you that a low cost available room is NOT available.

Online travel agents rely on a traveler's insecurity. Most travelers are sure that if they do not have all their hotel arrangements booked, they will wind up sleeping on a park bench.

When I arrive at a destination city, and want to find a hotel room, I use an experienced taxi driver. I interview taxi drivers to locate the one that I want. The taxi driver that I want to use will have around 10 years experience. And when I tell the driver what I want to do, he shows confidence that he is able to do it.

I tell my chosen taxi driver how much I want to pay, and he will drive me around to find a room. When we arrive at a hotel, I go inside to check things out while my taxi driver waits for me.

Hurt foot
9am - When I got out of bed this morning, and began to walk on my hurt foot, I was sooooo happy to find that I am able to walk half way decent!

There still is pain in the same place on my left foot. But the pain's intensity is greatly reduced. Thank God!

Off in Guatemala on an extended stay is the wrong place to have foot problems!

School buses
12 Noon - Central Comedor is the name of the restaurant where I am eating lunch. Comedor is Spanish for a place that serves cheap priced food. Even though prices are very low, the food that I eat here tastes great. Grilled chicken with corn tortillas is what I order. 12Q [$1.56US]

Three young women are employed here in the production of corn tortillas. And these tortillas are good tasting too! Tortilla customers walk up steadily all day long to buy a dozen to several dozen.

I always sit at the front table, nearest the street. From here I can view the traffic and people going by. I am especially fascinated with the number of former school buses here in Panajachel.

These former school buses are now employed as people buses. Many buses still have the painted signs identifying which school district in the United States owned them. Some simply retain the words, "School Bus."

Pistachio nuts
4pm - I caught a Tuk Tuk to take me to El Mercado to buy a pound of pistachio nuts. When I found a seller who had pistachios, he quoted 80Quetazles per pound. [$10US]

I don't know the price for pictachios, so I should have made a counter offer. For some reason that I do not understand, I took the opening price. So now I don't know if I overpaid!

They are good quality.


  1. A quick Google search:

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    Google Trusted StoreOh! Nuts
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    Yurosek Farms

    1. Hi Tom,

      Thank you sooooo much for all of your work to answer my pistachio nut question!



  2. OK I had to add my two cents worth then
    OK here's a question for today George if you bought exactly 1 pound of pistachios how many pistachios nuts are in a pound of pistachios **
    Pistachios in Walmart USA come out to $1.11oz That comes out to 49 pistachios nuts per ounce
    Pistachios Wholesale Update: January 2016 Pricing of current inshell and kernels are in the $5/lb ***range for inshell, and $10/lb ***range for kernels.
    Now the wholesale price is $5.99per pound in the US
    So 1.11x16 =17.76 you saved $7.76***
    So Mr. George did you buy the shells or did you buy the kernels
    However if the last one,, is as good as the first,, it's all good
    *** Please note all prices were based on US wholesale consumer prices third world and black-market excluded
    **answer 784
    Love to have fun with you it's good to hear you're still up and around and kicking

    1. Hi Ed,

      Thanks for your two cents worth. Good to know!



  3. George do you see any of those busses converted to an rv?

    1. Hi Sheila,

      You mean here in Guatemala?

      No! There are very few RVs of any kind in Guatemala.



  4. Hi, George,

    A few years ago, I was told those busses are called "Chicken busses". I rode one mainly because they are so cheap to ride, but also to see why they were called that. I found out ... chickens everywhere, inside and out!

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