Thursday, February 18, 2016

Save Lake Atitlán

As you may know, I am staying in Panajachel, a town on the northeastern shore of Lake Atitlán. The water of Lake Atitlán is a closed system. A huge volcanic eruption created the caldera which contains the water which forms the lake.

Nothing flows out of Lake Atitlán. Any human waste and garbage that drains into the lake remains in the water. For all time. It never, ever leaves!

What is being done?
I am pretty good at doing research on the internet. I've got years of experience. I was "online" before the internet was invented. I was online, during the time of CompUServe for goodness sakes!

Yet with all of my experience at using online resources, I am unable to find a single, active, working entity that is actually doing something to save Lake Atitlán.

All I find are bullshit words!

Here is what I have found:
  • Lake Atitlán Cynobacteria Information [link]
  • Friends of Lake Atitlán [link]
  • Planeterra Foundation [link]
  • Christian Science Monitor [link]

What did I expect to find?
When I began to search this morning, I thought that I would find some organization to whom I would send donations. Some organization that is "in the news!" An active organization that is actually accomplishing something.

If that organization is there, and I just missed it, please let me know!

gershonbendaniel at

11:30am - I am off for lunch at Guajimbos on Avenida Santander. I'm going to Guajimbos for a steak. However, I confess that I am not hungry enough for a steak meal. I'm going for steak again because the steak that I ate yesterday evening at Restaurante Tuscani was so bad!

I was surprised to find the doors to Guajimbos closed and locked. Perhaps Guajimbos does not open on Thursday?

Sarita Ice Cream
2:30pm - After walking around Ave Santander for awhile, I decided to treat myself to a strawberry ice cream sundae. Not the same as a steak meal. But maybe ice cream is even better than steak!

Chicken at Comedor Central
3:30pm - When I got all the way back up to the head of Avenida Santander, I was just across from Comedor Central. That's when I began to compare the Comedor's chicken and tortilla meal with Guajimbos steak meal.

Comedor won! That's because I could not possibly eat an entire steak meal this afternoon.

Reader John Simmonds
Info about Lake Atitlán
5pm - I received an email from Reader John Simmonds who provided a link to an online story about Lake Atitlán. Click on link below.

Scientists and students working to conserve
Guatemala’s Lake Atitlán [link]



  1. Thank you for posting about the lake. I did some research and learned some of its history and saw the beauty of it.
    Unfortunately, I can see the monumental task of "fixing" the lake to be beyond the abilities of that country. Hundreds of years of abuse and natural disaster may be too much to overcome.
    We as Americans are accustomed to having the resources to fix anything. I saw it with the Great Lakes. They went from polluted dying bodies of water to the vibrant clean thriving Lakes they are today because we had the resources.

    That Lake sure is beautiful though.

  2. Hi David,

    Yes, it may be extremely difficult for the Country of Guatemala to handle the reclamation of Lake Atitlán by itself. However, there is not even established a good website with which to present this challenge to the World.

    At this point, if somebody like myself wanted to donate money, there is not a central place to accept and collect that money. The whole thing is just heater-skelter.

    This is a calamity. A disaster made terrible by lack of direction that a well thought out website would provide.



  3. I wish we could save the salton sea .

  4. Here is a FaceBook page from Guatemala called, Salvemos al Lago de Atitlán (Lets Save Atitlán). It´s in Spanish but has over 3400 followers. Friends of Atitlán.

    Another "Let's Save Atitlan"

    There are many, many more groups out to save the lake but they are Guatemalans and the webpages are in Spanish.

    BTW, we were at the Great Lakes in 2014 during the summer. Can't believe anyone would want to even set foot in the water. It stank to high heaven.

  5. There is a government organization on the same street as the Rancho Grande Hotel, I can show you where, I talked to them one time. There is a discussion of making a large pipe through the back mountain area close to Santiago. As for the gringos, 99.99 percent a waste of energy. The Gov organization over there test water on lake, and they speak English I believe. And as above noted, you need to go Spanish, not English here. And again, to talk to expats who have lived on the lake longer than 7 years, know enough, come to the patio at 9:30 am in Pana. Andy Lee Graham

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