Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tribute to Chip

Did you follow my Tioga and George blog during the times we spent in the Town of Aticama? That's in the State of Nayarit, Mexico. If so, then you may recall our adventures with The Flyboys who also stayed in Aticama during several winters.

This post is a tribute to one of the Flyboys. His name, Chip Henly. Over the period of winters that I spent time with Chip, he took me on some remarkable flying adventures. One spectacular adventure/flight, was our flight to the mysterious town of Mexcaltitán.

Flyboy Chip Henly [Dec 2009]

While reading "The Golden Years" blog of my friends, Carol and Bill, I learned that Chip Henly had passed on about a year ago. Cancer got Chip. So, I am putting online this Tribute to Chip.

Chip took me on an exploration flight on March 12, 2009. Using Chip's ultra-light aircraft, we went north from Aticama looking for Mexcaltitán. And we found it!

You may share that day with Chip, by clicking [here].

Sunset Cafe
12:15pm - I planned to eat lunch today at Restaurante Tuscani. Apparently Tuscani does not open for lunch today. A little closer to the lake, is Sunset Cafe. I'd read good things about Sunset. So, I went down there.

I ordered chicken fajitas, which were OK.

Cafe Kitsch
2pm - I walked up to Cafe Kitsch for their carrot cake and WiFi. After Cafe Kitsch, I'll may return to my room for a nap.

Pretty good life, huh?

Nap time
3pm - Back at my Hotel El Amigo room for a nice nap. I don't know why? But I really need a nap this afternoon!

Central Comedor
6:30pm - I've been choosing Central Comedor for supper a lot lately. Not because the food is very inexpensive, which it is. But because the chicken really tastes great! And the tortillas are so good and fresh too!

I get a kick out of watching the young women making the tortillas!

Grilled chicken and fresh tortillas

Sarita sundae
7pm - Just up the street from Central Comedor is the Sarita ice cream store. It's a lot like Baskin-Robbins except fewer flavors.

I like their strawberry sundaes!

Strawberry Sundae
(I already took two bites!)



  1. RIP Chip! Cancer shortens so many lives. Donate what you can for a cure.

  2. I remember you and Chip flying around. As I have told you in the past I read and enjoy your blog since forever. You are a joy to read, Keep up the good work. You are an good example for me of how to survive and enjoy life.

  3. I remember, George. Chip certainly gave you some good times. Yes, cancer is a thief. It steals too many lives. Have a good day. How's your foot?

  4. Good good afternoon, George. Wonder how your Wednesday is going?

  5. Good to see you enjoying yourself. Sorry to hear about Chip.

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