Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Battery first

The first thing that I had planned to do on returning, was to go see my doctor. But, when I went to start my Honda, the battery was discharged so that there was not enough power to turn the starter.

I phoned an emergency service company, but they wanted $75 to come out. So I asked my friend John if he had jumper cables. He did and he came right over with those cables.

When John and I went to connect the jumpers, up came a drenching rain storm! When the rain slowed and the jumpers connected, the engine still would not turn over. I read the Honda Fit manual, and could not figure out why jumping failed.

Battery charger
During the evening, I went over this battery problem in my mind. Even if the jumping cables had worked, I still would not have a fully charged battery. So, this morning I biked over to the AutoZone and bought a 10 amp battery charger.

However, there is no electric power in my apartment's parking area. If I bought an extension cord and plugged into the apartment's electricity, I would be breaking the rules.

But the battery is small. So, I disconnected the battery and carried it to my apartment. Whew! Small, but not easy to carry that far.

Battery being charged

Still charging
5pm - The battery has been on the charger since about 9am. And it is not fully charged. I am going to wait it out.



  1. Many auto insurance policies provide towing coverage. Check your policy.


  2. I think that battery is....toast!

  3. I, also, think the battery has a problem. But maybe, at only 10 amps, it will take a long time to charge. When we used to leave our van at home in TX while we were in MN for several months, we always disconnected the battery before we left. That way we never came home to a dead battery after 3 - 4 months. Another time, you might try that. Hope you see a doc tomorrow!!

  4. Get a new one. Not worth the hassle.