Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Catching up sleep

Sometimes I have found that I am somewhat insensitive to my sleep. That is what happened this morning, just after my breakfast. As I was reading online news, I fell asleep!

I walked back to my El Amigo Hotel room, lay down on my bed. And the next thing I knew, it was 4pm! This kind of long sleep during the day does not happen often to me. But now I feel very refreshed.

5pm - I took a shower, and then continued watching a video that I bought awhile back. It is called, "MaidenTrip" and is the story of a young teenage girl sailing her boat around the world.

Click [here] to view trailer.

Chicken Salad
6:15pm - I'm at Campero Chicken and have ordered a chicken salad for my supper. This is a fillet of grilled chicken cut up in chunks with a lot of salad stuff. Avocado. Onion. Salad dressing. [40 Quetzales $5.40US]

Grilled chicken salad

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