Monday, March 07, 2016

Early to airport

3am - Arrived at airport
The taxi dropped me at the Guatemala airport four hours before the take off of my flight. This gave me enough time to go thru immigration, inspection and eat breakfast..

Now as I type this blog post to you, I am still one hour before take off. Better to be four hours early than one minute late!

 Health wise, I am OK today

11am - Takes a lot of energy!

Boy-O-boy! My flight today is wearing me down. It's transferring from one flight to another that drains me. Because my flight originates in Guatemala and transfers to another flight in Mexico, I have retrieve my travel bag in Guadalajara, Mexico. Then put the bag back into the system so that it ends up in Tijuana, Mexico.

But before retrieving the bag, I have to go thru immigration. The lines are long in immigration.

By the time I went thru all of this stuff, I had crashed. Then my right arm started acting up. Bummer.

Noon - I am in Starbucks to use their WiFi. After eating one of their grilled cheese sandwiches and hydrating with bottled water, I'm feeling better.

I am thinking that I have to be much more careful when going on trips.

3:45pm - Home again
When my plane landed in Tijuana, everything went sooooo smooth. My flight bag arrived at the International Baggage Claim.

I went thru the Cross Border Xpress terminal. Used my Uber taxi app to call for a ride. And now I am home again.

The first thing I did in my apartment, was to turn on the heater. Really missed that heater!

PS: If you have not ever used the Uber taxi system, I suggest you try it. First thing to do, is to find Uber in Google. Then sign up. I love it!


  1. Thanks for visiting, nice to hear the stories. Andy Lee Grhaam

  2. Take care, George, and get your health issues checked out - let us know how you are doing when you get back to California. Have enjoyed your blog post while you have been in Guatemala as well as all the others. You have a way of telling us the events in your life that draw us all in and we can't wait for the chapter.

  3. I enjoyed your month in Guatemala George. Safe return!

  4. I'm hoping for a simple and manageable outcome from your doctor visit once your home, George. I have enjoyed vicariously traveling with you to Guatamala through your blog. Go easy, George! I look forward to more adventures with you whether local or abroad.

  5. Hi, George. Checking on you. Home for you today. Good. Hope you see a doctor tomorrow.

  6. All the best George and I hope that your doctors report will be very favorable. Do you plan to go back to Guatemala if your health is OK and will The hotel give you credit for the days that you missed staying at the hotel? Did you have to negotiate with the hotel to get that very favorable monthly price on a room? Again all the best and I do enjoy your blog.

  7. Welcome home, George… Thanks for a great trip! Praying for the best outcome at your doctors.

  8. Glad you are home. Hopefully doctor gives you good news. We'll probably be home tomorrow, depending on the weather. We also have to make doctor appointments. Ah the golden years. Take care.

  9. Get well soon. I use Uber here in Mexico for my work trips. Works like a charm. No more street taxis for me.

  10. Another great trip and awesome posts from you. It makes me want to go too! Take care and keep up the good work!


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