Thursday, March 17, 2016

Hard time

Several things I am having a hard time adjusting to.

CT Scan: I hate knowing that I have appointments for CT Scans. That's because I have fear of being inside these machines. Although I have received a tranquilizer prescription from my doctor, I still have that dread lurking in my mind all the time.

Diabetes: My doctor informed that my recent blood test indicated that I have "pre-diabetes." Because of that, he has instructed me to go to a class on eating right for diabetes.

Cancer: The CT Scans will look for cancer.

Arm, hand and foot: I continue to have problems with twitching.

Period of adjustment
I'm aware that it always takes me time to adjust to stuff like these things. But that knowing does not keep me from feeling down about it. And that is how I have felt since returning from Guatemala.

I try to keep my mind away from dwelling on this stuff.

Beach bike ride
2pm - Shortly after making the above blog post, my friend John phoned inviting me to go for a bike ride on the beach walk from Mission Bay to Pacific Beach.

Of course I was delighted to be invited. The invitation got me away from my apartment. Also, today was a wonderful one to be out biking along the beach.

We stopped to talk at the Konos Coffee place in Pacific Beach. Then biked a few blocks to the Five Guys burger joint for lunch.


  1. I have been "pre-Diabetic" for over 40 years now. No diet change in that time and I still am "pre-diabetic". Just another thing that I live with.

  2. Just read about the pre-diabetic diet on line. It is just eating healthier. I certainly wouldn't go to a formal instruction. The ct scan, well I am a cancer survivor too and yes, I sweat it too. You are not the only one. Find comfort in the fact you are not alone. Just put your thoughts down in the blog and maybe that will help. We are here for you!

  3. The CT scan machine is not very big at all, you shouldn't feel confined at all in there. The MRI machines, on the other hand, is where your whole body needs to go in, but not the CT scans. At least any CT scans I have had.

  4. I'm a diabetic, if the dietician/doctor recommends the standard ADA diet. RUN! Here's a web site that will give you better information about not needing to medicate the problem.

  5. i don't like the scans either. I always take a washcloth and fold it in half and lay it over my eyes before the test. That way if I forget and open my eyes I don't see anything - and I have no idea what's going on until they tell me I'm done.

    Yes, we are here for you. Tests certainly aren't fun - but I've found the anticipation is often worse than the actual test.

    You're in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. HI George, CT scans are not very invasive. They are shaped like a donut. I'm 73 and a Christian and I'm praying for you to do well.

  7. John was good medicine for you today
    It's those thoughts that you need to keep for now
    We all do things to beat ourselves up it's all part of human nature
    Hope you enjoyed your bike ride today And yeah five guys is really good

  8. Yes. What a blessing John is for you. I, too, have found that many times I have fretted so much about a medical procedure beforehand, only to realize afterward that my dread was bigger than the actual event. Hopefully your appointments are not too far off; better to get something you dread over with soon!
    My way to cope with the many hours I have spent in closed MRI machines: I go somewhere else in my head. In my case, it's to Lake Superior; in yours, it might be Mexico or Guatemala. Or even the California of your childhood! You could even revisit your memories of that optimistic friend of yours, Dora.
    Thanks for posting. I worry when you don't tell what 's happening. Lots of people here who care about George.

  9. Hi Geo
    Don't fret. Get out and enjoy a round of golf! Mark

  10. Do whatever it takes as a diversion from your worries. They will pass.

  11. I don't know if you went to the appointment but here is some advice about the scan. My Mom recently went to one and she tensed up before the scan started and then it took about an hour and so she had a really super bad injury in her leg for many days after.

    Realize that the tech will have you freeze in position because you can't move until the scan is done and it can take a long time.

    Relax your body before it starts so you don't end up like my Mom with a really horrible strain in your legs or arms. Get in a relaxing position as much as possible before the scan begins. Don't let the tech rush you, because they will try to get you going as quick as they can.

  12. George - a CT scan is different check it out on the web. you just go back and forth through a big donut shaped thing.

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