Saturday, March 12, 2016

Invite for supper

5pm - I've received an invitation to supper at John and Mimi's home. I told John that I do not have much of an appetite lately. But he believes that his supper will be sooooo tasty, that it will overcome my lack of appetite. Hmmmm?


  1. Hi, George. I don't know that I have commented before, but I have read your blog many times over the years. You are such an interesting character and you handle everything with dignity. I am wishing the best for you and look forward to your next adventure. You are certainly a brave one.

  2. Hi, George. I am hoping you are going to tell us what was on the menu at John and Mimi's house. I am so glad that they have been there for you so steadfastly over the years. I remember your being there one time-- I think it was Thanksgiving, and their cat was in your picture of the kitchen. Funny how some memories stay.

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