Thursday, March 03, 2016


3pm - I am managing the challenge of this physical malady, whatever it is, by mostly staying  in my room.

I received an email from my friend John, who is looking after my apartment during my absence. The email arrived in the morning, and I could not manage a reply until the middle of the afternoon.

I want you to understand that I am doing my best dealing with this thing while here in Guatemala.

Coming home early
4pm - My friend John encouraged me to come home early.

I have changed my Volaris Airline reservation to come home on Monday, March 7th instead of Friday, March 11th.


  1. Good idea. I've got a friend here in the park who lived three years in Panajachel and is not too confident in the local hospital, though in an emergency it might be a good starting point - but the medical care in Guatemala City is top-notch, according to him. Maybe an early move to GC might be in order - especially if things seem to be progressing, and may be more difficult with time. The other things that come to mind that can be dealt with easily are: hydration/electrolytes, and blood sugar. Both are easy to get out of whack, and can cause similar symptoms to what you're experiencing. My best 23 year paramedic advice is get to a Dr asap. Sending you love and prayers from Frederika and me, George...

  2. Get well soon George!

  3. One of the difficulties, as we get older, is good access to medical care when traveling. Good choice to return early and get it taken care of.

  4. George do your best to have a doctor assess what is going on.

  5. Sounds like a smart move to come home early! Wonder if you can move the Doctor appointment up, too? Will be thinking about you, George.

  6. Wishing you the best George.