Friday, April 01, 2016

Active day

4:30pm - I just returned from a very nice bike ride.

I went to the library to return and check-out some movie videos. Then biked to the YMCA to workout. Finally, went to the Souplantation Salad place for a very healthy lunch.

Feeling very good
I've still not heard back from my Kaiser doctor about my CT scan results. I guess that it takes awhile for those scans to be reviewed.

Anyway, I am not having any health problems. No arm twitching. No insomnia.

Fiddler on the Roof
9am, Sat Apr 2 - As I went to prepare my breakfast, I played the video "Fiddler on the Roof" on my TV.

I love this story authored by the famous Yiddish writer Sholem Aleichem. My own ancestors who lived in Russia experienced the same hard life as the Jews in this story.


  1. No news is good news - so I have heard. Happy to hear you are feeling so well.

  2. It's up to the doctor when they are looked at. My one doctor has seen me for the CT outcome within one hour after the scan.
    And within 1/2 hour after a Ultrasound Scanning.
    In two weeks I'm having a CT scan one day and the next day a Ultrasound. He will give me both readings right after the Ultrasound is done.

    Appointment time to see him is made always right after the scan.

    Probably makes a difference that doctors office and scanning is in the same building.

    I have had other CT scans and the scanning is done in a building 10-20 miles away from the doctors. On those the doctor appointment for reading is usually within a week later. But appointment for doctor is made at same time as appointment given for the scan.

  3. George, don't know if you came across this mention of you by a fellow blogger. You are so loved :) Link below...

    1. What a nice tribute, George...and well deserved. I have always been impressed with the reaction from fellow RVers when they recognize Frederika and myself from one of your posts about us. EVERYBODY in the RV world knows who George is - and as the gentleman stated in his blog, so many have been inspired to embark on the RV lifestyle by George's writing...

  4. Glad you're active and feeling good. I love Fiddler on the Roof too. We lived a hard life on an Indian Reservation parents were hard working and encouraged us to go to school...I'm glad they did. The father in Fiddler on the Roof reminds me of my father.

  5. HeyHey George, I just watched you be interviewed by Andy in Lake Atitlan, excellent!

    It appears you're back in USA by now? Hope you're doing well, it seems your health is improving daily, well done...keep to it and you'll get stronger and stronger, more resilient,ect.

    My wife and I reside in sunny Az[north of Tucson]and find life very easy here.

    All the best, please keep up the blogs...

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