Friday, April 15, 2016

Head scan

Last Wednesday I went to Kaiser Radiology to get a CT scan of my head. My doctor wants to see if a reason can be found for my right arm, hand and foot twitching. You may recall that this "twitching" began during my Guatemala trip. Thus, the CT scan of my head.

I have not had any twitching problems for several weeks. I am not overly concerned with the results of the scan. However, I want this thing behind me. So, this morning I am sending a message to my Kaiser doctor asking for the results.

The Jungle Book
As you may know, I am crazy about movies. Lately, I have not gone to a movie theater because the movies have not been so good.

But this morning I am going to see, "The Jungle Book". This movie has a very high rating!


  1. Hope the results are good news! Enjoy the movie. :-)

  2. Please give us a small review on the movie once you've seen it.

    1. Hi David,

      The Jungle Book disappointed me. Too long time wise. During the movie, it actually crossed my mind to walk out!?

      There are lots of scenes where the action is simply talking. If most of those talking scenes were removed, what remains would be a much better story.

      I rated "The Jungle Book" 5-stars out of 10-stars.