Saturday, April 16, 2016


I'm re-reading a short story titled, "Hook" written by Walter Van Tilburg Clark. "Hook" is the story of the life of a hawk. From its birth in a nest to death by a shotgun blast fired by a farmer.

I really like the way Clark writes about this hawk. He must have studied a lot about hawks. Reading about Hook is almost like seeing life thru the bird's eyes.

I biked to the Sun Valley Golf Course, and began reading in a shady and grassy place near the golf course pro-shop. After about an hour, I biked over to the baseball field and watched our La Mesa team of teenage players until they were ahead, 2-0.

Then down to CostCo for a polish hot dog.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day, George....

  2. You might like to read "H is for Hawk". Good story about a hawk and a trainer

  3. We love Hawks and always watch for them in our travels and they are quite easy to recognize as you drive along. Your day must have been very relaxing - good way to spend a Saturday.

  4. Hi, George. Sounds like a well-spent day. Last Spring we had a hawk show up on our driveway. It stayed , walking around, for hours. Unbelievable how close we could get to her. Finally, I discovered that she had a problem preventing her from flying. You would not believe all the trouble to take care of that bird! What saved the day was the fact she was "endangered." Our local animal shelter came out & got her in a cage., then I drove her 20 miles to a bird facility---only such place in North Texas. The lady there showed us that the bird had a really badly broken wing. She was to have a vet take care of her quickly. I was told that I could call back within a few days & find out what happened. I did not. Want to think she survived; don't want to know if she didn't. The lady there informed that she was a female Kitchener's hawk. She was big and beautiful. Seemed perfectly calm; made no attempt to harm. She seemed to know we were trying to help. Excuse my story! Enjoy your book.

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