Friday, May 27, 2016

You never know when

This morning I was watching the fabulous movie, "Driving Miss Daisy". I ordered the DVD from the county library. I've watched this movie many times. But the movie is sooooo good, I could watch it many times more and still enjoy.

The first scene in the movie really gets to me. In that scene, Miss Daily goes to back her big Chrysler car out of the garage. You never know when age will catch up with you. Miss Daisy put the car in reverse and confused the accelerator for the brake pedal. The car lurched backward, out of control. Miss Daisy drove down the embankment and the car had to be towed back up to level ground.

It became clear to Miss Daisy's son that her driving days were over. That's how Miss Daisy found herself with a chauffeur.

A lesson for myself
This movie is a reminder to me that I am getting older. Day by day. The changes in my life are getting closer. I've made it a point to not take the things that I am able to do now for granted.

Like riding my bicycle. And even walking. Everything comes to an end. I observe my apartment mates who now walk with a cane or walker. It happens in an instant.

Although I am in really good shape now, I don't want to ever take this for granted.


Monday, May 23, 2016


My cardiologist doctor sent me a message that he is putting me back on Coumadin blood thinner. It seems that my pacemaker has reported that I am experiencing Atrial fibrillation [quivering heart beat].

AFib such as this could cause the formation of a blood clot which could lead to a stroke, paralysis and other bad things. Thinning the blood reduces the chances of blood clotting.

Taking Coumadin requires regular blood testing to insure that the required thinning goal has been reached. At the beginning, I may be taking daily "pin prick" blood tests. Once the thinning goal is reached, monthly blood tests will do.

Overall condition
You may recall that I was on Coumadin medication for almost two years. I was very delighted when this same cardiologist took me off Coumadin. I am not a good medical patient. I was pissed off on learning of the resumption of Coumadin.

But, I really have not too much to complain about concerning my overall physical and medical condition. No reason to be pissed. I walk fairly well. Play golf. Ride my electric bike. Have no pains in joints or muscles.

In the Guava Gardens apartment where I live, lots of tenants use canes, walkers, some electric walkers. Many tenants have challenges a whole lot worse than mine.

PS: My buddy John and I are going golfing tomorrow morning at Lomas Santa Fe Executive Course.  :)


Wednesday, May 18, 2016


There was a time if I viewed a suicide or attempted suicide in a movie, I would be struck with grief. An event like that would bring to mind my son David's suicide so strong, that I could barely stand it.

But time has passed. It is coming on to six years after that terrible day. This morning I watched a movie which showed an attempted suicide in a forest setting. Same kind of setting as David chose for his last moment on Earth. And guess what? I was hardly bothered at all by that movie scene. Wow!

It seems that the passage of time heals even terrible wounds to the soul.


Monday, May 16, 2016

Harry and Tonto

During the late evening I began to watch the movie, "Harry and Tonto" starring Art Carney which I found on Netflix. The plot of the movie is: "When his apartment building is torn down, a retired lifelong New Yorker goes on a cross country odyssey with his beloved cat Tonto." Carney won the Academy Award in 1974 for his role in this film.

When I watch movies, I regularly do searches about the story or the actors who play in the movie. I found that Art Carney died on November 9, 2003. That got me to wondering where I was on that date.

So, I looked up that date in my blog's "Archives" pages. And guess what I found there in my long ago blog? It was a very interesting story! Indeed it was!! I kept on reading my daily posts, and had to admit to myself that my 2003 blog posts that I was reading seemed to be very good stories!

Maybe you would enjoy reading these same blog pages beginning on November 9th, 2003? If so, please click [here].

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Yoli Day

Usually in the morning I stay home at my apartment. Today is different, because Yoli [Yolanda] has arrived to do my monthly apartment cleaning. I like to go away when Yoli is cleaning. Don't want to be in her way. The electric bike is outside locked up in the hallway for the same reason.

I drove over to "The Daily Grind" in El Cajon for breakfast. I like Swami's Cafe in the La Mesa Plaza better. But it's hard parking the Honda in the Plaza. I could drive the bike to Swami's. No parking problem with the bike. But it's a bit chilly this morning to be biking.

I ordered a Belgian Waffle with eggs and bacon. The waffles here are wonderful!

Guess who is coming here to visit with me? None other than my friend Weng!!

Weng will be arriving around the beginning of June. I have not seen Weng face to face for several years. But we keep in touch by email.

I am not close with many people. I feel very lucky to have a few friends! One of those close friends is Weng.

First movie video
Back on March 16, 2004, I made and published my very first movie video. It was an MPG file.

I am not able to recall on what camera I shot this video, or why the video was so short in length.

I am posting it here just to show you. I re-found this video file only today.

Coy Creek
Curry County, Oregon

Note: This video was created by uploading to Google. At this time, there was no YouTube yet. YouTube was founded on February 14, 2005.


Friday, May 06, 2016

Live to 100

Vanguard manages my retirement fund. When I go online to view my Vanguard account, I am met with the following statement:

"We project that your money is not likely to last until you reach age 100."

This statement could give me cause to be very concerned for my welfare. If I live to age 100, will I wind up being homeless? By comparison, Social Security calculates that I will live to age 88 years.

If I spend my retirement money according to Vanguard, I must reduce my spending by 1/2! No eating out at restaurants. No golf.

If I spend according to Social Security, I can do all the things that I am doing now. And the biggest thing is, that I will not have to be concerned about dying homeless and penniless!

I choose to believe the stats from Social Security.


Monday, May 02, 2016

Passover party

Last Saturday, Cousin Jacky put on a Passover celebration for the family. I travelled to Jacky's home with my Cousin Paul. I was lucky to get that ride with Paul, because I don't like driving much anymore.

There were eleven family members there. We did all the traditional things for a Passover Seder including telling the story of Passover describing the great of escape of the captive Jews from Egypt.

Here is a picture of the Seder Plate, each food of which reminds us of the Passover story.