Monday, May 16, 2016

Harry and Tonto

During the late evening I began to watch the movie, "Harry and Tonto" starring Art Carney which I found on Netflix. The plot of the movie is: "When his apartment building is torn down, a retired lifelong New Yorker goes on a cross country odyssey with his beloved cat Tonto." Carney won the Academy Award in 1974 for his role in this film.

When I watch movies, I regularly do searches about the story or the actors who play in the movie. I found that Art Carney died on November 9, 2003. That got me to wondering where I was on that date.

So, I looked up that date in my blog's "Archives" pages. And guess what I found there in my long ago blog? It was a very interesting story! Indeed it was!! I kept on reading my daily posts, and had to admit to myself that my 2003 blog posts that I was reading seemed to be very good stories!

Maybe you would enjoy reading these same blog pages beginning on November 9th, 2003? If so, please click [here].


  1. I remember reading all these entries the first time around, as you posted them. What I'm having a hard time digesting is that it was 13 years ago... (Frederika and I celebrated our 10th anniversary Saturday, May 14... We've been married 5 years, but we had two weddings, so we count both of them.) I was looking at our photos from our wedding day, and at all the people who came from so far away to celebrate with us - and there you were: the one who came the furthest! What a great day that was! (We just moved into our new home, a 2005 Teton Homes 5th wheel, with beautiful woodwork and 3 slideouts. We will keep it here at Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, and keep the Lazy Daze for travel and guests who come to visit us (hint!). We take off in the LD in June for two months in the northwest. This is long...guess I should have emailed...!

  2. Interesting blog posts from early on in your vagabonding. Third generation Californian (at least?), what a great spot for your grandma's cabin.