Monday, May 02, 2016

Passover party

Last Saturday, Cousin Jacky put on a Passover celebration for the family. I travelled to Jacky's home with my Cousin Paul. I was lucky to get that ride with Paul, because I don't like driving much anymore.

There were eleven family members there. We did all the traditional things for a Passover Seder including telling the story of Passover describing the great of escape of the captive Jews from Egypt.

Here is a picture of the Seder Plate, each food of which reminds us of the Passover story.


  1. George - I'm curious, as I don't know much about the Jewish Passover, what is each item and what does that item represent to the Passover story?


    1. Hi Judy,

      Here is a [link] which tells about the foods on the seder plate.

      Here is a [link] which tells the story of Passover.



    2. George, do you eat the food on the Seder Plate?

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