Friday, May 27, 2016

You never know when

This morning I was watching the fabulous movie, "Driving Miss Daisy". I ordered the DVD from the county library. I've watched this movie many times. But the movie is sooooo good, I could watch it many times more and still enjoy.

The first scene in the movie really gets to me. In that scene, Miss Daily goes to back her big Chrysler car out of the garage. You never know when age will catch up with you. Miss Daisy put the car in reverse and confused the accelerator for the brake pedal. The car lurched backward, out of control. Miss Daisy drove down the embankment and the car had to be towed back up to level ground.

It became clear to Miss Daisy's son that her driving days were over. That's how Miss Daisy found herself with a chauffeur.

A lesson for myself
This movie is a reminder to me that I am getting older. Day by day. The changes in my life are getting closer. I've made it a point to not take the things that I am able to do now for granted.

Like riding my bicycle. And even walking. Everything comes to an end. I observe my apartment mates who now walk with a cane or walker. It happens in an instant.

Although I am in really good shape now, I don't want to ever take this for granted.



  1. Hi, George. One more time I am reminded of that word I always associate with you. Wonder how many years ago was it that you spoke of "perspective" when you were looking out a window of Ms. Tioga.
    Perspective changes the way we experience the world. Thank you for sharing your insights.

  2. Hey George. Age is limiting, but your wonderful attitude towards life, your tenacity and strength will carry you far. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  3. Haven't checked in for a while

    I'm 64 and 3 months ago my knee went out

    After the operation lots of pain and they saw mt hip and femer were fractured and got a new hip

    While in there they found a mass and it was from prostate cancer

    And 3 months ago I was hoist fine

    Big Marty in NE OHIO

  4. It is good to be a realist knowing that limitations come with the aging process. However, with this knowledge, life must still be lived with zest and passion. You seem to exemplify both traits.

  5. Hey George
    I'm 67 and have had both knees operated on, to re-attach the quadricep tendons. I wear permanent hinged knee braces, I walk unsteadily at times, so I have a cane handy. I have other serious medical issues that I'm not going to bore you with. My point is, I am young at heart, I'm an optimist who takes each day as it comes. I love life and occasionally enjoy being around people, but prefer animals. I've enjoyed your blog for years and enjoy your outlook to experience new things and make friends. I wish you well!