Thursday, June 30, 2016

Grow Light

One thing that really bothered me about attaching the grow light to the balcony wall was that this would violate my agreement with Guava Gardens Apartments. No hanging things from apartment walls!

Searching around on the internet for an alternate solution, I came up with the two foot light and stand in the pic below! Perfect! :)

Hydrofarm Jump Start Grow Light System

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Bonsai plan

I've been studying about growing Bonsai since my little tree arrived last Monday. My Juniper Bonsai tree must have sufficient light in order to live. Since I have a north facing balcony, this means growing my Bonsai under electric light.

Yesterday evening, the perfect place for this electric light came to me! It's the wall adjacent to the door.

This morning I will make a layout drawing with dimensions so that I can go to Dixieline Hardware and buy the lumber and other stuff needed for my Bonsai growing area.

It has occurred to me that taking up Bonsai at my age [79th year] is a very optimistic enterprise for me!


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Government gone crazy

Recently I began to endorse a political organization called, "Move to Amend"[MTA]. If you look to the right side of my blog page, you will see the new "Move to Amend" logo/link that I placed there.

I endorsed MTA because this group is working to amend the US Constitution so that corporations would not have the Constitutional rights of human beings.

I am not joking about this! Supreme Court rulings give corporations all the rights that humans are given. Is it any wonder my letters to my representatives are not given priority? How can I compete with corporations?

Did you know that the Supreme Court has ruled that spending money in political campaigns is a protected kind of speech. From that ridiculous concept, the court ruled that corporate spending on political campaigns was a restriction of a corporation's freedom of speech. So, corporations are free to spend all they like on a campaign!

What more can I write about these crazy things? Everything, it seems to me, is upside down and backwards.

We need people like our founding fathers more than ever before! Where are John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and George Washington now when we need them most?

Do you know about derivatives? I believe that they are like insurance policies that banks trade among themselves. I read that there are $1.2 Quadrillion of this stuff.

Congress passed a law a couple of years ago that makes we the people responsible for this crap when it goes bad!?

Who would vote yes for such a stupid law?


Monday, June 27, 2016

Shopping on the internet

I wrote to you last January that I was doing almost all of my shopping on the internet. This change from shopping at brick and mortar to shopping at internet stores was not something that I did deliberately. It just developed over time. Because the internet stores have sooooo much more!

Selection! When I go shopping on the internet, EVERYTHING is available for me. And I know what I am looking at because of pictures. Not necessary to drive. All I do is search. Man!!

I bought my last pair of shoes on the net from Amazon. And those shoes fit me perfectly. I love the look of them too!

Bonsai Tree
Last week I bought a Bonsai Tree from Amazon, and it arrived today in my mailbox! It is sooooo cute!

I have a little challenge to overcome with my Bonsai. That challenge is with sun exposure. My Bonsai is supposed to have direct morning and filtered afternoon sun. My apartment balcony faces north. Sun only shines on my balcony in the summer months, and then only for about two hours a day.

However, I may be able to resolve this sun exposure challenge with a proper electric light.

Out in the Sun
It is the late afternoon. I've placed the new little Bonsai on the edge of two Impatien pots. There, Bonsai is out in the Sun and getting a nice dose of healthy sunshine!

Pic looking out kitchen window


Sunday, June 26, 2016

Transplanting flowers

10am - I'm out on the balcony, working in my garden. Yesterday at Armstrong Garden, I bought two six-packs of Impatiens. It is great the way Impatiens come in so many bright colors. The Impatiens that I bought yesterday are violet and pink!

I'm using my largest kitchen mixing bowl as a container to work the soil. Cleaning up the clay pot is done at the kitchen sink. Then mixed up soil is put into the cleaned pot. Three of the six pack fit nicely in the large pot that I'm transplanting this morning.

This is a lovely morning for gardening! Sunny, blue sky, 75°.


Saturday, June 25, 2016

Wave Change

What do I mean by "Wave Change"? It is the overwhelming changes in our world that are rushing at us right now as never before. Higher and higher those waves of change. And faster and faster those waves come.

Were you challenged before in keeping up with changes? Soon, you will be so completely consumed by change, that no matter who you are, or how high your intellect, change will will eat your lunc
Photo recognition [example]
A couple of days ago I became interested online in the activities of a woman in the entertainment business. But this woman was so unknown, that Google search did not know anything about her.

On a whim, I entered into the Google search engine the URL of the only photo of this woman that I had. I was amazed to see that Google delivered to me a great deal of info about this unknown woman.

Is this a hint about what is coming on in my "Photo recognition" story? Try clicking on the links below for more examples of changes.

PS: Another rabbi
The rabbi at Temple Emanu-El is Devorah Marcus. I wrote to you before about her. Right now, Devorah is on a trip to Israel. So, a replacement rabbi is at Temple Emanu-El.

She is Rabbi Gerson, who looks to me to be in her late 20s. Rabbi Gerson is a lovely person. When I went to the Shabbat Service Friday afternoon, I met her.

Temporary Rabbi Gerson

12 Noon - Armstrong Garden
I've been thinking about going to Armstrong Garden Center for a few weeks in order to buy a couple of 6-packs of Impatiens. I've found that it's necessary to buy new Impatiens every couple of months in order to keep my Impatiens healthy.

It is really enjoyable for me to replant my clay flower pots. The flowers that I replant are ones that look over grown. I dump all the soil out of the pot, then take the pot to the kitchen sink to clean it up. Gardening is a good time for me!

1:30pm - Tokyo Sushi Loha
On the way back home from Armstrong's, I stopped for sushi. This is my first time eating at "Tokyo Sushi Loha" restaurant. I sat at the sushi bar and watched a sushi chef do food preparation. Love to watch that!

I ordered tuna sashimi, which is thinly sliced raw meat—usually fish, such as salmon or tuna—that is served without rice. My sashimi was tuna. It arrived in a boat shaped bowl that was filled with a mound of shaved ice.

On each end of the bowl sitting on the ice was a small clump of parsley. At the rear was a green onion stick. And, in the front was a gorgeous orchid flower. My tuna sashimi was neatly placed in the center.

Wow! It was sooooo beautiful!


Thursday, June 23, 2016


This morning I drove to Temple Emanu-El to turn in my completed application to join the synagogue. I asked that my Hebrew name be used on my name badge.

My Hebrew name is Gershon Ben Daniel which in Hebrew translates to:
Gershon the son of Daniel

I asked the security guard to take a pic of me standing in front of the temple entrance. The sign above the entrance reads "Emanu-El" in Hebrew.
This word is actually a grammatical composite – “Eem”, meaning “with” ; “anu”, meaning “us” – and “El” – the ancient word for “God” in Hebrew.

Emanu-El "God is with us"


Sunday, June 19, 2016

Next Year Jerusalem

This afternoon I watched a movie titled, "Next Year Jerusalem." This is a true story of eight senior citizens, all Jewish nursing home residents, as they embark on a life-affirming journey to Israel.

All of the seniors going on this trip are older than myself. I am now in my 79th year. However, different than these eight, I have had the wonderful experience of learning what it means to become an older senior while traveling.

So now when I contemplate making a journey to Israel, I compare that trip with how it would be for me just staying in my apartment. My apartment always wins! That's why I very likely will not make a future trip to Israel.

What is my process of contemplating a trip to Israel? It's always the same. First I go to my blog pages for my Israel trips in 2008 and 2010. Then, I go to the El Al Airlines web site and enter trip dates into El Al's reservation pages.

After that, I go to CraigsList Jerusalem and search for share rentals. I have been all over Israel during my three trips there. However, it is in Jerusalem where my dreaming heart would go if I ever return.

Here is a video that I captured in Jerusalem on May 25, 2010. I put this video here to share with you the feeling of being in Jerusalem.

Shalom Chaverim L'hitraot means: Go in peace friend, until we meet again.

PS: 2am Sunday morning on the balcony
Usually, it is not possible to hear the tinkling sound of the waterfall on the balcony. Because the sound of traffic on the nearby interstate overwhelms that tinkle.

Because it is very early Sunday morning, traffic is at its lightest. I am out on the balcony because it is cooler here than inside my apartment.  And the cot is here so that even sleeping on the balcony is a possibility.

Temperature on the balcony right now is 77°. Inside at my bed, 87°. We have entered the warm summer months in San Diego County. It got up to 99° today.

Because of the cot, I find myself out on the balcony more than ever before!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Joined a temple

As you may know, I am Jewish.  When I was a boy of 6 years old, my parents enrolled me in the City Terrace Folk School [Los Angeles] in order for me to learn Hebrew. I needed to be able to read Hebrew in preparation for my Bar Mitzvah when I reached 13 years. My Bar Mitzvah was held in the Fairmont Street Shul in Boyle Heights [East Los Angeles].

I never joined a synagogue [Jewish temple] before. However, lately with all of the Jew hatred that is spewing out all over the world from the Palestinian propaganda machine, I have come to feel a need to be closer to my Jewish people.

Shabbat service
Close to my apartment is Temple Emanu-El, a reform Jewish synagogue. This evening I attended the shabbat [sabbath] service. First time in all my adult years that I actually went to temple! Wow!

I arrived at Temple Emanu-El about an hour before the 6am Shabbat service was to begin. The temple is gorgeous. Inside the choir was practicing for their performance this evening.

Just to the side of the platform from which the rabbi speaks, there was a table setup to commemorate the 49 people slain in Orlando. The first thing that the rabbi did at the beginning of Shabbat service, was to hand out to the congregation 49 circular paper bands on which each of the slain person's names was printed.

I was one of the congregation to receive a band. My band read: "Jean Carlos Mendez Perez, 35." Then, each one of us with a paper band, went up to the table, read the name of the slain person on the band, lit a tiny candle on the table and placed the band to encircle the candle.

This was such a beautiful ceremony! The rabbi, a woman named Devorah Marcus, must be a remarkable person!

I decided then and there, that I wanted to be part of Temple Emanu-El.

Tribute to the 49 slain in Orlando


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Greg's Map

Somebody named Greg, produced an interactive map of my Nite Camp sites.

How this map was produced, I have no idea. But I am sooooo impressed!!

Click [here] to view.

PS: Greg's story about me
Readers Tony and Karen emailed me a link to Greg's blog. In his blog, Greg wrote a story about me. That story blew me away!

The perspective of me in that story is so wonderful for me read. Greg has more understanding of my RVing years than I do myself. Man-O-Man!

If you would like to read that story, please click [here].


Monday, June 13, 2016

Bike maintenance

My Prodeco Mariner 7 electric bike was purchased on September 10, 2013. Two years-nine months ago. That's when I was still living in the RV park at Santee Lakes.

Since then, Mariner has gone thru numerous falls, bumps and scrapes. Mariner really got knocked around in the accident that destroyed MsTioga. That abuse chipped Mariner's beautiful white paint.

Recently I bought a tiny bottle of white porcelain repair paint to fix paint chips in my apartment's electric range and bathroom sink. This is fantastic paint. Sticks like crazy. When this paint goes on, it is really permanent.

Yesterday it occurred to me that this porcelain repair paint, would work great to repair the paint chips on Mariner. The tiny brush that is attached to the inside of the bottle cap worked well to apply this paint.

Now, Mariner looks really good again. Only on very close examination do these paint chip repairs show up. I had a good time doing this job!

Mariner's parking place in my studio apartment


Saturday, June 11, 2016

Crazy for Music

There is no doubt that I am music crazy. I play music a lot. With YouTube I usually find any song that I want to play. Often with only the melody playing in my brain, I am able to search for a tune and actually find it.

Lately I have played a lot of Streisand and Kristofferson songs. Also, BeeGees. This evening I've been listening and watching The Hollies "Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress." I like the version of this song that shows the lyrics because it's hard to fully understand all the words.

I use a small JBL Charge bluetooth speaker, battery powered, to play wherever I happen to be in my apartment. Like in the bathroom while I am showering. Or out on the balcony, now that I have the cot to sit on there.

Never before in our history, has music been so available to anybody with access to the internet. It is a miracle!

Click [here] to listen to a song I really love!

PS: Saturday Night Fever
Just to let you in about where I'm really at.....

This morning [Sunday] I watched "Saturday Night Fever" on NetFlix. Loved it!

Wide ranging music
The music that I love is very wide ranging and gives me much pleasure.


Thursday, June 09, 2016

Buying with cash

I am supposed to show the cashier the bill when I pay and announce the denomination of the bill  [ie; "I am paying with a $20 bill and hold the bill up for the cashier to see]. This routine should prevent short-change errors.

But lately I've become a bit sloppy when paying. And failed to do my routine. This failure cost me $20 over the past week. I am less concerned about the $20 that I lost than my lack of discipline. That lack of discipline is how I got shorted the 2nd $10 bill.

Yes, I did tell both cashiers about my claim of a shortage, which they both denied. In the first case, I received a $20 bill for change at the Von's grocery. And when I was shorted the first time, that $20 bill was no longer in my wallet nor was the $10 bill from the change. I tried to tell the cashier of this shortage immediately. But the cashier walked away quickly, and I was not able to tell him about it until a few minutes later.

The second $10 bill shortage I did not find out about until I was seated at my table in the restaurant. I should have had a $10 bill in my wallet if I had received the right change.

Anyway, I am working to have the discipline to do my bill pay routine in the future.

My balcony has a cot
Last week I bought a camping type cot which is out on my balcony. Now, when it is warm inside my apartment at nite, I have the option of sleeping outside on this cot.

The cot also serves as a large chair. I never had a chair on the balcony before. I find that I am out there a lot, now that I have a comfortable place to sit. A good place to view the little forest in the lot below me. Also, to view the hummingbirds which come to my balcony for their sweet nectar.

George on the new cot

Tuesday, June 07, 2016


This morning my friend John and I went golfing at Lomas Santa Fe Executive Golf course. Not a difficult golf course. Pretty flat greens.

Yesterday afternoon, my friend Weng left San Diego and returned to her home in Oregon. Many readers wanted to know what Weng was doing. And asked for an update from her.

However, at this time in Weng's life, we both agreed that a detailed exposure in my very public blog would not be a good thing.

Below is a pic of Weng at the nail place near my apartment. For Weng's birthday, I gave her a manicure/pedicure and massage!

 Weng and George

Friday, June 03, 2016

Weng arriving

Remember that I blogged to you back on May 12th that Weng was coming to San Diego to visit with me? Well, today is the day when Weng is arriving!

Weng texted me her selfie pic.


5pm - Airport, Mexican food, apartment 
Picking up Weng at the airport was very exciting for me because we have not seen each other since 2012! Wow! A long time. We keep in touch by email.

When we were in my car together, I asked, "Are you hungry? How about Mexican food?" We went to Mario's de la Mesa. A restaurant close to my apartment.

Then I wanted to show Weng where I live. Weng does gardening for her living. So, she really knows plants. And I am so very proud of my flower garden!  Weng loves my garden too.

Weng and my flower garden


Thursday, June 02, 2016

Artificial Inteligence

I subscribe to Forbes, the business and financial news magazine. Forbes published a story about Ashton Kutcher [American actor, model, investor and producer] who is a man that is sooooo successful that it almost impossible for me to imagine how this could be.

I used to believe, for example, that success in the investing world was mostly a matter of luck. But that is obviously an incorrect assumption on my part regarding Ashton Kutcher. His intellect is responsible for his successes.

Elon Musk on Artificial Intelligence
This morning I read a story about Elon Musk [another super brilliant person] commenting on his thoughts about being concerned about the increasing rate of Artificial Intelligence power.

Musk believes that once AI becomes more intelligent than humans, AI could pose a threat to humans. The main threat being, that AI would begin to treat us the same as we treat our pets.

I'm a dummy
I find that I am unable to grasp what all of this means to me. Years ago, I considered myself a pretty smart guy. It is clear to me, that I no longer am that smart guy. I've been eclipsed by a new generation of much smarter people.

And now comes the generation of Artificial Intelligence. And what will I be to the AI crowd? Their cat?!