Thursday, June 02, 2016

Artificial Inteligence

I subscribe to Forbes, the business and financial news magazine. Forbes published a story about Ashton Kutcher [American actor, model, investor and producer] who is a man that is sooooo successful that it almost impossible for me to imagine how this could be.

I used to believe, for example, that success in the investing world was mostly a matter of luck. But that is obviously an incorrect assumption on my part regarding Ashton Kutcher. His intellect is responsible for his successes.

Elon Musk on Artificial Intelligence
This morning I read a story about Elon Musk [another super brilliant person] commenting on his thoughts about being concerned about the increasing rate of Artificial Intelligence power.

Musk believes that once AI becomes more intelligent than humans, AI could pose a threat to humans. The main threat being, that AI would begin to treat us the same as we treat our pets.

I'm a dummy
I find that I am unable to grasp what all of this means to me. Years ago, I considered myself a pretty smart guy. It is clear to me, that I no longer am that smart guy. I've been eclipsed by a new generation of much smarter people.

And now comes the generation of Artificial Intelligence. And what will I be to the AI crowd? Their cat?!



  1. lol...I feel your pain! I feel the same way...but we are NOT dummies...we are still trying!

  2. George, you are one smart fellow !(Unless you really think Ashton is smart) . Our new generation has the answers, but they have not yet heard the questions...
    Please keep on blogging, you make my day :)

  3. Its not that each new generation is smarter, its that they simply build on the knowledge of all the previous generations.

    I tend to think as a whole, people are getting dumber with each new generation.

  4. George, If you really want to blow your mind, read, "The Singularity is Near" by Kurzweil. He predicts that in a short time, we will not be able to distinguish between human and machine. We will become, singular! WOW!!!

    BTW, I believe you are very smart... at least from my perspective. Love your posts!!!

    Have fun with Weng!