Monday, June 13, 2016

Bike maintenance

My Prodeco Mariner 7 electric bike was purchased on September 10, 2013. Two years-nine months ago. That's when I was still living in the RV park at Santee Lakes.

Since then, Mariner has gone thru numerous falls, bumps and scrapes. Mariner really got knocked around in the accident that destroyed MsTioga. That abuse chipped Mariner's beautiful white paint.

Recently I bought a tiny bottle of white porcelain repair paint to fix paint chips in my apartment's electric range and bathroom sink. This is fantastic paint. Sticks like crazy. When this paint goes on, it is really permanent.

Yesterday it occurred to me that this porcelain repair paint, would work great to repair the paint chips on Mariner. The tiny brush that is attached to the inside of the bottle cap worked well to apply this paint.

Now, Mariner looks really good again. Only on very close examination do these paint chip repairs show up. I had a good time doing this job!

Mariner's parking place in my studio apartment


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