Thursday, June 09, 2016

Buying with cash

I am supposed to show the cashier the bill when I pay and announce the denomination of the bill  [ie; "I am paying with a $20 bill and hold the bill up for the cashier to see]. This routine should prevent short-change errors.

But lately I've become a bit sloppy when paying. And failed to do my routine. This failure cost me $20 over the past week. I am less concerned about the $20 that I lost than my lack of discipline. That lack of discipline is how I got shorted the 2nd $10 bill.

Yes, I did tell both cashiers about my claim of a shortage, which they both denied. In the first case, I received a $20 bill for change at the Von's grocery. And when I was shorted the first time, that $20 bill was no longer in my wallet nor was the $10 bill from the change. I tried to tell the cashier of this shortage immediately. But the cashier walked away quickly, and I was not able to tell him about it until a few minutes later.

The second $10 bill shortage I did not find out about until I was seated at my table in the restaurant. I should have had a $10 bill in my wallet if I had received the right change.

Anyway, I am working to have the discipline to do my bill pay routine in the future.

My balcony has a cot
Last week I bought a camping type cot which is out on my balcony. Now, when it is warm inside my apartment at nite, I have the option of sleeping outside on this cot.

The cot also serves as a large chair. I never had a chair on the balcony before. I find that I am out there a lot, now that I have a comfortable place to sit. A good place to view the little forest in the lot below me. Also, to view the hummingbirds which come to my balcony for their sweet nectar.

George on the new cot


  1. Sleeping out with the hummingbirds will be fun George! The change issue is concerning. You will simply have to pay closer attention with what you pay with and what you get back. As you say, count out the money as you hand it over and wait for the change. Don't allow yourself to be distracted.

  2. Or carry lots of singles and smaller bills. The closer you get to exact change, the less risk you have. Or debit or credit.

  3. Some cashiers are crooks. They take advantage of older people. Showing the bill and paying attention, as you do, is the best way to protect yourself.

    Spending time in the balcony is a great idea!

    I miss your daily posts.

  4. Cashiers used to count out change back to you. up to the amount you gave them. Now they give you a wad of bills and loose change with a Thank You. Of particular annoyance is when they hold the bills by the end with the change loose in the middle and hand it to me like I'm a Leper or have come horrible communicable disease. When I catch them starting to do that I tell them how I don't know where all that got started but give me the loose change first then hand me the bills. What the hell, I don't bite. Its more like a nibble than a bite.

    I take may small victories where I can find them as I know I can't change everything at once but it seems everything has changed around me at once.

    In essence we need to get back to "The customer is King" cashiers are here for our convenience not the other way around. And when I'm elected....

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