Saturday, June 11, 2016

Crazy for Music

There is no doubt that I am music crazy. I play music a lot. With YouTube I usually find any song that I want to play. Often with only the melody playing in my brain, I am able to search for a tune and actually find it.

Lately I have played a lot of Streisand and Kristofferson songs. Also, BeeGees. This evening I've been listening and watching The Hollies "Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress." I like the version of this song that shows the lyrics because it's hard to fully understand all the words.

I use a small JBL Charge bluetooth speaker, battery powered, to play wherever I happen to be in my apartment. Like in the bathroom while I am showering. Or out on the balcony, now that I have the cot to sit on there.

Never before in our history, has music been so available to anybody with access to the internet. It is a miracle!

Click [here] to listen to a song I really love!

PS: Saturday Night Fever
Just to let you in about where I'm really at.....

This morning [Sunday] I watched "Saturday Night Fever" on NetFlix. Loved it!

Wide ranging music
The music that I love is very wide ranging and gives me much pleasure.



  1. I like that song too, George.

  2. Totally Old School right there.

    For some laid back mellow music that makes love to your ears try listening to some Govi, Armik Johannes Linstead, and some Ottmar Leibert.

    1. Wow, Buzz! Thank you for your music ideas!!



  3. Music is the food of the soul. Whenever I feel bad I must go to music side. BMG Heathrows