Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Government gone crazy

Recently I began to endorse a political organization called, "Move to Amend"[MTA]. If you look to the right side of my blog page, you will see the new "Move to Amend" logo/link that I placed there.

I endorsed MTA because this group is working to amend the US Constitution so that corporations would not have the Constitutional rights of human beings.

I am not joking about this! Supreme Court rulings give corporations all the rights that humans are given. Is it any wonder my letters to my representatives are not given priority? How can I compete with corporations?

Did you know that the Supreme Court has ruled that spending money in political campaigns is a protected kind of speech. From that ridiculous concept, the court ruled that corporate spending on political campaigns was a restriction of a corporation's freedom of speech. So, corporations are free to spend all they like on a campaign!

What more can I write about these crazy things? Everything, it seems to me, is upside down and backwards.

We need people like our founding fathers more than ever before! Where are John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and George Washington now when we need them most?

Do you know about derivatives? I believe that they are like insurance policies that banks trade among themselves. I read that there are $1.2 Quadrillion of this stuff.

Congress passed a law a couple of years ago that makes we the people responsible for this crap when it goes bad!?

Who would vote yes for such a stupid law?



  1. George, you are soooo right!

    There are many "out there" who echo our founding fathers, but those voices are not able to be heard over the din of political good old boys, both left and right side of the isle.
    Keep on bloging. You are my 1st blog stop of the day!

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