Sunday, June 26, 2016

Transplanting flowers

10am - I'm out on the balcony, working in my garden. Yesterday at Armstrong Garden, I bought two six-packs of Impatiens. It is great the way Impatiens come in so many bright colors. The Impatiens that I bought yesterday are violet and pink!

I'm using my largest kitchen mixing bowl as a container to work the soil. Cleaning up the clay pot is done at the kitchen sink. Then mixed up soil is put into the cleaned pot. Three of the six pack fit nicely in the large pot that I'm transplanting this morning.

This is a lovely morning for gardening! Sunny, blue sky, 75°.



  1. How about some vegetables? Or good smelling herbs.

  2. Your own little Garden of Eden!

  3. You and your garden look happy!

  4. I looked closely George and I thought I could see your "green thumb"!