Saturday, June 25, 2016

Wave Change

What do I mean by "Wave Change"? It is the overwhelming changes in our world that are rushing at us right now as never before. Higher and higher those waves of change. And faster and faster those waves come.

Were you challenged before in keeping up with changes? Soon, you will be so completely consumed by change, that no matter who you are, or how high your intellect, change will will eat your lunc
Photo recognition [example]
A couple of days ago I became interested online in the activities of a woman in the entertainment business. But this woman was so unknown, that Google search did not know anything about her.

On a whim, I entered into the Google search engine the URL of the only photo of this woman that I had. I was amazed to see that Google delivered to me a great deal of info about this unknown woman.

Is this a hint about what is coming on in my "Photo recognition" story? Try clicking on the links below for more examples of changes.

PS: Another rabbi
The rabbi at Temple Emanu-El is Devorah Marcus. I wrote to you before about her. Right now, Devorah is on a trip to Israel. So, a replacement rabbi is at Temple Emanu-El.

She is Rabbi Gerson, who looks to me to be in her late 20s. Rabbi Gerson is a lovely person. When I went to the Shabbat Service Friday afternoon, I met her.

Temporary Rabbi Gerson

12 Noon - Armstrong Garden
I've been thinking about going to Armstrong Garden Center for a few weeks in order to buy a couple of 6-packs of Impatiens. I've found that it's necessary to buy new Impatiens every couple of months in order to keep my Impatiens healthy.

It is really enjoyable for me to replant my clay flower pots. The flowers that I replant are ones that look over grown. I dump all the soil out of the pot, then take the pot to the kitchen sink to clean it up. Gardening is a good time for me!

1:30pm - Tokyo Sushi Loha
On the way back home from Armstrong's, I stopped for sushi. This is my first time eating at "Tokyo Sushi Loha" restaurant. I sat at the sushi bar and watched a sushi chef do food preparation. Love to watch that!

I ordered tuna sashimi, which is thinly sliced raw meat—usually fish, such as salmon or tuna—that is served without rice. My sashimi was tuna. It arrived in a boat shaped bowl that was filled with a mound of shaved ice.

On each end of the bowl sitting on the ice was a small clump of parsley. At the rear was a green onion stick. And, in the front was a gorgeous orchid flower. My tuna sashimi was neatly placed in the center.

Wow! It was sooooo beautiful!


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  1. You are right be are being hit with a tittle wave of information. Gone is the simple basic day to day life style.