Friday, June 03, 2016

Weng arriving

Remember that I blogged to you back on May 12th that Weng was coming to San Diego to visit with me? Well, today is the day when Weng is arriving!

Weng texted me her selfie pic.


5pm - Airport, Mexican food, apartment 
Picking up Weng at the airport was very exciting for me because we have not seen each other since 2012! Wow! A long time. We keep in touch by email.

When we were in my car together, I asked, "Are you hungry? How about Mexican food?" We went to Mario's de la Mesa. A restaurant close to my apartment.

Then I wanted to show Weng where I live. Weng does gardening for her living. So, she really knows plants. And I am so very proud of my flower garden!  Weng loves my garden too.

Weng and my flower garden



  1. Have a great time together -- maybe Weng can provide us with an update of her life. She looks beautiful in the picture.

  2. I hope the two of you have a wonderful time. We often think about Weng and wonder how she is doing ...Alticama seems like such a long time ago

  3. Enjoy your time and say Hi. I used to read her Blog all the time.

  4. miss reading her blog ask her if she has changed her name please

  5. Both Weng and your garden look beautiful. Have a wonderful visit with your friend.

  6. I followed her mailorder bride blog until she quit. If she doesn't mind, I'd like to hear how her and her family are doing.

  7. Four years can be a long time, but as soon as you sit down to visit it is just like there has been no time at all. Yes, your flowers look fabulous!

  8. Did you delete my post asking how her husband was? Or did it not post?
    It seems his health was causing some issues and I just wondered how he was.

  9. Give Weng a Hug and Hellos from us. She looks as young as ever.

  10. Hi Weng‼️Sure have missed you & your family‼️You look fabulous. Please give us an update, I have been worring about you guys. Sending BIG HUGS for all��

  11. Hi! it's so sweet to know you both friends are catching up after a long time of being apart. Hope that you and Weng enjoy the time together. Best regards from grabmyessay reviews and well we hope to see an update of your hangouts together.