Sunday, July 31, 2016

Great protector

Before I let you know how I became the Great Protector, I want to send a big thank you to all who sent messages of caring.

I want to let you know that today is a much better day for me. I don't know what is different today. But whatever it is, I am sooooo grateful!

Great protector
This morning I was sitting out on the balcony enjoying the view of all my repotted Impatiens. Last evening I cleaned out the little waterfall and also gave the tiny pump some cleaning maintenance. Now the waterfall has so much more water falling! It's wonderful. 😎

As I was sitting on the balcony, a hummingbird flew up to the sweet nectar feeder. But the birdy did not land! Instead, it flew all the way around the feeder, looking at the feeding places, and then flew off without eating.

I have never seen a hummer do this before. So I went over to look at the feeder. My God! The feeder was covered with 100s of ants!! I grabbed my ant spray and sprayed the support bracket for the feeder. Then I brought the ant contaminated feeder to my kitchen sink and held it under running water to get all those ants off.

The nectar went into a bowl, and I cleaned out the ants from the nectar by running it thru a colander with a very fine screen. Then the feeder bottom was disassembled and thoroughly washed.

The feeder was returned to the balcony, and very quickly the hummers came back to eat. I put a paper towel drenched with ant spray at the beginning of the bracket to keep the ants away from the sweet nectar!

Here is a video of the now cleaned waterfall:

7:30pm - Feet in the pool
During the late afternoon, I am often found down by the swimming pool. The Sun at this time is behind the building. This brings lots of shade.

I don't go swimming. My thing is to put my feet in the water. Larry the manager, keeps the pool at 82° which is perfect for feet dipping!


Saturday, July 30, 2016


For me now, changes are coming much too fast.

Wednesday night last as I went to sleep, I took two pills prescribed for me by my primary care physician at Kaiser. These pills are Trazodone 50mg. Trazodone is prescribed to me for insomnia. I need help to stay asleep. I fall asleep just fine.

My problem is getting enough sleep during a night. With Trazodone, when I wake up after 3-4 hours as is common for me, I should fall back asleep quickly and stay asleep for another 3-4 hours.

What actually happened?
I took Trazodone for the first time Wednesday last. If I had awakened at 8am, I'd have slept 8 hours. But I woke up at 11am. Eleven hours sleep! Wow! This is almost too good to be true!

When I stood up out of bed, I was not stable on my feet. As I was walking to the bathroom, I had to lean on the walls to keep from falling. I did NOT feel dizzy. I simply was not able to keep myself upright without holding on to something.

I figured that what happened to me was a side effect of Trazodone. Maybe I should have promptly contacted the doctor who prescribed Trazodone for me. But I didn't contact. Instead I waited for the "instability" side effect to go away.

However, it didn't go away! I could not walk in a stable fashion Friday night at the Shabbat service. And at Saturday's Shabbat service, I was still unstable on my feet. My primary care doctor is not available on Saturday, so now I could not contact him until Monday.

Trazodone or Ataxia?
Although initially I figured that a Trazodone side effect caused my walking instability, now I am thinking that it is actually due to a further development of my Ataxia.

If I am correct, then this is terrible news for me. These physical changes are happening sooooo fast, that I have not been able to adjust to them. I just keep bumbling along, hoping for a miracle.....


Friday, July 29, 2016

Sabbath at Mission Bay

This evening, Temple Emanu-El is having our Shabbat [Sabbath] Service at Ventura Cove on Mission Bay. This is very exciting for me. I really love that our rabbi and the temple leaders, come up with ideas like this!

I do not know how a Shabbat Service will work at Ventura Cove. But I imagine that we will gather on a grass covered place. Some of the congregation may bring lawn chairs. Some blankets and sit on the grass. Maybe our Torah will be carried there [Torah is the five books of Moses-The Old Testament]. Torah is a scroll.

Shabbat is a very special day for Jews. All the other days are just named numbers. For example; Sunday is called, "First day" and Monday is "Second day", etc. But the seventh day is special and is named "Shabbat" [Rest].

This could be our Shabbat place this evening

Uber Taxi
3pm - I just made the decision to use Uber Taxi to travel to the Shabbat service at Ventura Cove. The general decline in my physical self makes driving after sunset a bad idea.

By general decline, I refer to balance/stability and reflexes/coordination. Also, the control issues with my right hand and arm.

I have not felt changes in my vision,  smell, taste or touch. My memory and ability to analyzing things does not appear to be affected.


Thursday, July 28, 2016

Green Thumb

I may actually have a Green Thumb! All the information is not in yet. But so far, it's looking good. Here's the story......

Lately I have been in a repotting project for my balcony garden. My Impatien flowers have been looking bad. I did NOT know why? So, I bought (5) six packs of Impatiens and a big bag of Miracle-Gro Potting Mix,  and began.

As I dumped the pots of old potting mix out, I noticed that the roots of the Impatiens were very shallow. I thought to myself, "That's not right!"

Because I didn't have a clue about what caused the Impatien's shallow roots, I made a guess. And my guess put the blame on Miracle-Gro Potting Mix! [Can you imagine that?!?]

I began to research on the web about Miracle-Gro Potting Mix producing shallow roots and came up with blank results! That frustrated me. But stubbornly, I kept on searching for anything bad about Miracle-Gro.

While doing all of this Miracle-Gro searching, I stumbled on to other information too. One piece of information was about watering:

"Plants that are watered often with just a bit of water will develop a shallow root system. The plant has no need to develop a deep root system."

George is the problem
Shallow watering  is exactly how I watered my poor Impatiens!

So, it has turned out, after all, that I myself caused my Impatiens to have shallow roots. But thru it all, am I now a better gardener? Is my thumb turning green?

George at China Super Buffet in La Mesa
[Typing my blog post to you!]


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Shopping revolution

There is a revolution going on out there! And it is for your shopping dollar $$. Every business is getting involved. From Wal*Mart to Amazon.

My shopping list had "TP" on it. Which is toilet paper, in case you did not know. TP is almost impossible to understand, when I am walking the shopping aisle at my local grocery.

But is is far, far easier to understand TP, when I am shopping on the net!! In my wildest dreams, I never thought that I would order TP online. But a few minutes ago, that is exactly what I did! And, I believe that I ordered a Best Buy.

I ordered:
Scott 1000 Bath Tissue, One-Ply, 1000 Sheet Rolls (27 Count) from Amazon for $19.78, no shipping charge. Amazon promises to deliver my TP by this coming Friday. So, I will not have to go muscle that TP to my 3rd floor apartment! A delivery guy will leave it off at my apartment door!

Ain't life turning into a miracle? Hmmmmm?

Please click [here] for the best TP shopping comparison that I have found.

I'm at Mario's de la Mesa Mexican Restaurant for lunch. After Mario's, I'm heading over to the YMCA for a workout.

I decided to NOT take my bike on these trips, because I will be gone from my apartment for maybe three hours. That's too long a period of time for those problems that I have with hand control. Instead, I am driving my Honda because it is safer.

George at Mario's de la Mesa


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Biked to Daily Grind

I'm sitting at a table at the Daily Grind Restaurant. I decided to bike here. With my neurological challenged right hand, a bike ride is a bit more of a risk than before my hand began acting up. But, what would I be if I didn't ride the bike?

I ordered a cup of coffee and glass of water and told my waiter that I would order breakfast later. Then, I set up my Mac to type this blog post to you.

Blogging from a restaurant
I get a big kick out of blogging while I am sitting at a restaurant table. I'm not sure why this is so [?]

I get internet access by putting my iPhone on "Personal Hotspot". AT&T is giving away so much data now, that I don't have to pay extra anymore for using that Hotspot.

George at the Daily Grind

I drove to John and Mimi's home this afternoon. I received a supper invitation for homemade pizza. 

On the way there, I saw the Flag of Israel flying over a neighbor's home. The flag of Israel is not seen often here in the US of A.

PS: I deleted a few paragraphs from this blog concerning predictions I dreamed up about what the federal government is going to do in the future.

Monday, July 25, 2016

From the balcony

I am typing this blog to you from the balcony. The cot here makes a wonderfully comfortable place for me to sit, with a bed pillow for my back against the wall.

The little waterfall makes a tinkling sound as the water drops into the pool.

The hummingbirds love the new feeder! This feeder features a ring that goes completely around for the birdies to stand on while eating the sweet nectar. The feeder that fell off the balcony had no place for the hummers to stand and they had to fly while feeding.

I positioned myself on the cot bed so that I have a clear view of the feeder. Are you surprised to know that a hummingbird comes to the feeder more than once a minute?

Impatien flowers
The impatien flowers growing on the balcony are struggling. I believe it is the temperature here in the City of La Mesa that is putting the impatiens in distress. It seems to me that the thing to do now is to buy six-packs of impatiens and replant all the pots.

I am going to clean out the soil from all the pots and replace that soil with Miracle-Gro Potting Mix. That should give the flower garden the boost to life that it needs!

The Bonsai trees
There are now two Bonsai trees growing on the balcony. I have pruned the larger one a bit. It is difficult learning about the art of Bonsai!


Sunday, July 24, 2016

Streaming paper photos

A couple of weeks ago I wanted to send Aunty Shirley a nice birthday card. Apple offers a service which includes making a high quality card using images and allowing your own text to be printed as well [link].

I captured the images used in that birthday card by taking pics of old paper photos with my iPhone. Since I use Apple's Photos App to edit images [link], I was very delighted to see Aunty Shirley's face scrolling along in the photo stream that comes up in my TV's screen saver! And every image was in a nice wood frame too.

Capturing more paper photos
I really loved those framed images scrolling along in my TV screen saver. In fact, I loved them so much that I began taking many more pics of old photos.

My TV with screen saver photos

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Hummingbird panic!

Last night I went to fill my hummingbird feeder. As I removed the feeder from its hook, the string broke!! I am in a 3rd floor apartment. So the feeder fell three floors!

I got a flashlight, and went downstairs to see what happened to the feeder. I found that the balcony for the first floor apartments, sticks out about a foot more than my apartment. When the feeder landed, it was inside the balcony area of the apartment. A high wall prevented me from reaching the feeder. And when I knocked on the door, nobody answered.

Wow! Hummingbird panic!

Shopping for a new feeder
I bought the feeder that fell at Dixieline Hardware, a store near my apartment. But when I looked for Dixieline's hours on the net, they were closed. Target sells hummingbird feeder and they are open until 11pm. Off I went!

When I had returned to my apartment with the only feeder for sale at Target, I looked up for customer reviews. The reviews were rotten! Buyers of this feeder told that the birds would not use it. The reviews stated that the feeder was designed wrong. As a result, the nectar did not come out in the tray where the birds could find it.


When I looked up Wal-Mart online, they were selling several hummingbird  feeders. Wal-Mart opens at 6am. So, off I went at 6am to Wal-Mart. I was the only shopper in the store at that hour.

When I went into Wal-Mart's garden center, I found a bunch of feeders. But every one that I inspected had terrible designs. Some had metal parts which would corrode. Some would not come apart enough to adequately clean the feeder.

Luckily I found a hummingbird feeder that was all-plastic, could be completely disassembled for cleaning and appeared to be designed for proper nectar flow!

The birds love this feeder

Some thoughts about hummingbirds
Even though their heads are so tiny, hummers have a really smart brain. In my home camp near the City of Tequisquiapan in Mexico, I had many hummers coming around for my sweet nectar.

One day I overslept and did not put out the feeders at sunrise as I usually do. One hummer flew around to my bedroom window, buzzing around as if asking me, "Where's my food?" How did that hummer connect me with the missing feeder? Also, how did it know that I was the one responsible for the food and that I could be found in the bedroom?

Another thing about caring for hummingbirds, is that I've developed a protective attitude toward these charming little creatures. I will go to great lengths to take care of them. Like going out at day break as I did for them this morning!


Friday, July 22, 2016

Gone-Not Forgotten

This morning, I was able to talk to the yard manager at Jim's Towing Service in Bakersfield. He told me, "About a week ago MsTioga was sold to a local charity."

So, MsTioga is gone forever. But not forgotten. I am glad that the things of value inside her will likely now end up useful to somebody.

It is magical that I was able to get one last look at MsTioga in a Google Earth image. Almost as if she called out to me in the only way available to her.


Thursday, July 21, 2016

Am I going?

In yesterday's blog post, I raised the possibility of taking a trip to Bakersfield, California to visit the remains of MsTioga, my former RV. The purpose of this trip would be to retrieve the personal stuff that I left behind.

About a week after my open heart surgery in March, 2014, I returned to the towing company that had possession of MsTioga. I was in no condition at that time, to go rummaging around in MsTioga's interior to try and locate my personal stuff. In fact, at that time, I could barely walk.

The interior of MsTioga after the accident was complete chaos. Most of the upper cabinets had been torn from the walls, their contents strewn in jumbled heaps all over the floor. In order to search for things, I would have had to dig threw all this mess on my hands and knees. That was completely impossible in my post operation condition.

Signed over ownership
That was how things were when I made the decision to sign over MsTioga's ownership to the towing company. With that ownership transfer, I was no longer responsible for the accumulating huge storage charges. In fact, in an extremely generous decision, the towing company absolved me of all the storage charges that had accumulated to the signing date!

Decision to leave my stuff behind
In late April, 2014, I moved into my Guava Gardens apartment in La Mesa, California. By that time, I was pretty much comfortable with not returning to MsTioga for my stuff. I had known friends who spent years in the attempt to deal with stuff accumulated over many years. With this "leave behind decision" that I made, I was relieved of all of that. I started off my new life fresh.

Some stuff is special
But there were things that I pined for.

  • Letters that I received from relatives and friends over my life time.
  • The autograph book from my Bar Mitzvah.
  • My bible, with dates of my family.
  • My prayer shawl and head cap
  • High school year books
  • My cookbook that I had for over 30 years.
Phoning for permission
I have been leaving voice-mail messages for the person in charge of the towing company. So far, I've not received a response. I will keep trying.

Tioga and George in the olden times

PS: Health Report
Today was a very good one for me. My right hand and arm hardly acted up at all. In fact, late this afternoon I felt good enough to go for a bike ride to "Original Mexican Gourmet" to get their carne asada tacos!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Last Time I saw MsTioga

In 2014 when I had the accident that destroyed MsTioga, I was in no condition to deal with saving all the stuff inside my RV. My priorities were clear. Get healed after my open heart surgery. Then get myself down to my friend John's home where I would complete my recovery.

I had put aside my RVing life. Those were great times for me. Now, I believed, it was time for me to start my new life. And that's what happened.

Personal things
However, from time to time my mind would drift over to MsTioga. I wondered what happened to her? What happened to all my personal stuff?

On a hunch, I went to Google Earth and entered the address of the towing company to whom I had assigned ownership of MsTioga. As I zoomed into the towing company yard, there she was!

I pointed a "red arrow" at MsTioga. However, the arrow is kind of hard to see. MsTioga is at the far right, in the rear.

Am I going?
I am not sure if I am going to take a run up to Bakersfield and go see MsTioga. I'll phone the towing company in the morning, to find out what's what.

11am - Bad attack
This morning I had a very bad attack of Ataxia. It lasted about two hours. From 8 to 10am. This was the worst attack that I'd experienced. And it taught me somethings.

For one thing, I can't drive myself up to Bakersfield to visit MsTioga. That would be foolish with this illness plaguing me. I have no clue when these attacks could come. Or how long they will last.

Another thing that has come to me, is that it is best for me in my apartment. I am safe there. Not in danger as I might be if I was driving when an attack came.

When I do go to Bakersfield, likely I'll take a bus, not drive my car.


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Not Parkinson's

Today I had an appointment with a neurologist at Kaiser. After having me do several things with my hands, legs and feet. And then walk down the hallway, my doctor announced, "I don't think you have Parkinson's!"

Wow! Those words are sooooo wonderful for me to hear.

Brain scan
My doctor pulled up a CAT Scan of my brain that was taken in April when I first notified Kaiser of these physical problems that I am experiencing. My doctor showed me section views of my brain and told me that these views did not show anything suspicious. "Your brain looks good," she told me.

Ataxia (loss of muscle coordination)
I've been diagnosed with Ataxia. People with ataxia have problems with coordination because parts of the nervous system that control movement and balance are affected.

There are several possible causes for me having Ataxia. My doctor ordered a bunch of blood and urine tests in order to rule out what could be affecting me.

My doctor


Monday, July 18, 2016


Tomorrow [Tuesday], John and I planned to go to Lomas Santa Fe for a round of golf. I had to cancel out. No way for me to swing a golf club with this lack of control that I am experiencing now.

This afternoon I went to the YMCA to exercise. I usually bike to the "Y". But today I drove my car. I figure that is not safe thing to do to ride a bike with the physical limitations that I have from whatever is ailing me.

Neurology appointment
Tomorrow, Tuesday, July 19th, I have an appointment with Kaiser neurology.


Sunday, July 17, 2016


Yesterday was definitely NOT a good day for me. Remember some time back,  I blogged to you about losing control on my right side? Mostly my right hand, arm and foot?

Yesterday I was not able to button my shirt using my right hand [I am right handed]. I had to use my left hand. Bummer! This lost control stuff went on all day.

Then this morning, I was pretty much OK again. Right now [5:35pm] as I am typing this blog post to you, I am using both hands on my Mac keyboard. It's a blessing for me to feel like I do right now, at this moment!   :)

Right now I'm feeling good!

7pm - It's back!
Suddenly it started up again. I am a very spoiled person. Never was afflicted like this before. I've got a hunch that I am not going to be a good patient.


Friday, July 15, 2016

At the park

 Around mid-morning, I went to the park near the YMCA. My plan was to read a great book that I got from the library. I didn't want to stay in my apartment reading, because it was just too gorgeous a day to remain inside. I wanted to be outside experiencing Mother Nature!

The book that I am reading is about the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Gideon v. Wainwright [1963]. That unanimous decision determined that defendants facing significant jail time have the constitutional right to a free attorney if they cannot afford their own. The book is named, "Chasing Gideon" by Karen Houppert.

Gideon's Trumpet
I came across this book after watching a movie named, "Gideon's Trumpet". That movie is about the true life experience of Clarence Earl Gideon who was imprisoned for twenty-seven years for a crime that he did not commit.

While Clarence Gideon was serving his sentence in a Florida prison, he taught himself enough law to enable him to mail a five-page petition (petition for writ of certiorari) to the Supreme Court of the United States asking the nine justices to consider his complaint.

That a man in prison with no legal training was able to prepare such a writ and be granted an appearance before the U.S. Supreme Court is absolutely astounding!

Right to have an attorney
You have no doubt heard many times on TV, in shows such as "Law and Order", the following words:

"You have a right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you."

This right came about because of one man having the determination to pursue his justice, against all odds. Clarence Earl Gideon. Amazing!

George in the park


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

No more 6-packs

In order to keep the Impatien flowers going strong in my balcony garden, every couple of months I'd go to the Armstrong Garden Center and buy some 6-packs. Then I'd examine the pots of flowers and pick the Impatiens that looked the worst to plant the flowers growing in the 6-pack.

Yesterday I watched a YouTube video from a gardener who told about how easy it is to take cuttings from Impatiens and create a whole new plant! That sounded wonderful to me.

In the pic below is the worst Impatien pot in my garden. All that I do is find a stem with a couple of leaves and some nodes. The bottom end of the stem must be cut on an angle. Then the stem end is dipped in a little honey which acts like a root hormone.

I make a hole in the soil for the cutting with my finger, and plant the cutting. The new cuttings have to be kept in damp soil all the time. No drying out!

Three new Impatien plants from cuttings


Monday, July 11, 2016


It has been less than one month since I joined Temple Emanu-El. So, I do not have very much experience going to temple!

The temple's rabbi is off on a trip to Israel for several weeks. Two rabbis have filled in during the absence. One of these two rabbis really impressed me! He is Rabbi Marty Lawson.

I attended my first Torah Study class under the guidance of Rabbi Lawson. Torah study is a forum where members of the temple come together to examine the Five Books of Moses. I was very surprised to find that torah study with Rabbi Lawson is very exciting!

After Torah study class, came the Shabbat [sabbath] Service.

A good Jew
During the Shabbat Service, Rabbi Lawson described one of the characteristics of a "good Jew." Rabbi Lawson described this good Jew as:

"A person who actively participates in civic and community affairs." 

This participation would include communicating with our political leaders when things are not going well. For example; "When a pot hole in a neighborhood street needs repair to when the President of the United States breaks the law of our Constitution."

Pissed me off!
I have to admit to you that Rabbi Lawson pissed me off with his "Good Jew" admonition. Because he nailed me! :(

In recent years I had taken to not writing letters as I used to do. What good do these protests of mine do?, I asked myself. Nobody in government really listens. Some secretary likely answers my letters.

Googled Rabbi Lawson
I wanted to find out who this Rabbi Lawson guy was? It turned out that he became a rabbi at Emanu-El in 1976! That was 40 years ago! When I read that, Rabbi Lawson's admonition took on real meaning to me.

I am guessing that one of the things that a rabbi is supposed to do, is to kick a Jew back into line again. Even if "pissing off" is necessary.

Rabbi Marty Lawson


Friday, July 08, 2016

Building the bench

When I took up the art of growing Bonsai trees, I had to provide an artificial light source on my balcony. There are very few trees that will grow in a low light environment. That's when I made the decision to put a Grow Light on the balcony.

While I was shopping for a Grow Light, I realized that with a Grow Light, a few sun loving flowering plants could grow on the balcony. Very exciting!

There is a very nice store near Guava Gardens that is a combination lumber yard and hardware store. It's name is Dixieline, and I like this place a lot.

After thinking about a bench for the Grow Light for several days, yesterday I prepared a shopping list and drove over to Dixieline to buy the lumber and hardware for this project.

Bench top
The top of the bench is made from two 3/4" x 10" wide pieces of lumber which I plan to glue together. Gluing requires some pressure to keep glued surfaces together and to insure a good bond.

In the pic below, you may see my solution to the pressure problem.
Rubber bands!

Click on the board pic to make it bigger

Rubber bands!

Grow Light on the new Bench

View of Grow Light Bench Leg

I used two steel braces like this one to connect
 the right side of the new bench to the existing 
flower shelf


Thursday, July 07, 2016

Breezing Up

There is a Winslow Homer painting that I really love. Homer called it, "Breezing Up". Somehow, I got it into my head that I wanted make my own Breezing Up with a Paint By Numbers kit.

In order to prepare myself to do this Homer painting, I bought a paint by numbers kit from Faber-Castell of Monet's "The Japanese Footbridge" [link].

The Monet kit that I bought was rated for people over 8 years. Wow! I found out quickly that apparently I did not have the skill level of an 8 year old!

Pictures are easier
That's when it came to me that I could do this project with a digital image! All that I was really after, was to hang Homer's "Breezing Up" on my apartment's wall.

After capturing this image on the net, I used Apple's "Photos" [link] to adjust the image to my liking. There is a copy store just a few blocks away from Guava, where I bought a nice reproduction on photo paper.

Then I took that printed "Breezing Up" to a Michael's Craft Store where a custom mat was made, and my pic mounted in a lovely frame! :)

My "Breezing Up"


Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Credit fraud

Yesterday I was looking online at my bank account and saw a pending charge that I did not recognize! A fraudulent charge! :( Phoning my bank to report this event, I was told that the best thing to do was to cancel that card number! So that is what I did.

However, I had several companies to whom I had given that now cancelled credit card number. So, I had to go online to each of these companies and give them a new credit card number. That took me about an hour to do. What a pain!

This morning that pending charge changed to a regular charge. I phoned my bank and filed a dispute against it. Then I went to a branch of my bank and got a new debit card from them. Then I went to the ATM and withdrew some cash to make sure that my new debit card worked.

Monday, July 04, 2016

My heart rate

Most of the aerobic machines at the YMCA [ie; treadmill, bicycle, etc] have heart rate readouts. Before my trip to Guatemala, my heart rate after warm up was about 85 beats per minute [bpm].

After returning from Guatemala, I went thru a sick period during which I did not go the YMCA. That sick period lasted about two months. When I finally returned to exercising at the "Y" again, my exercising heart rate had gone up to 105 beats per minute. That heart rate sort of shocked me! But I figured that my exercising heart rate went up to 105 because I was out of shape.

Heart rate plunged
A couple of days ago, my exercising heart rate returned to 85 bpm. I thought that there was something wrong with the heart rate monitors. So I tried using several of the tread mills to check that out.

All of the heart rate monitors read out the same. My exercising heart rate had indeed returned to 85 bpm!

Before I experienced these heart rate changes, I had no idea that exercising had such a dramatic effect on my heart health.

My neighbor
A woman moved in with my 82 year old next door neighbor. This guy is really a mover and a shaker.

Here is a pic of this woman at our apartment swimming pool.


Sunday, July 03, 2016


I've been a tennis fan since around 1990. Wimbledon comes to me on ESPN thru the internet. I have not subscribed to TV for many years.

This morning I watched the Williams sisters in a double match. Also, Simona Halep in a singles match. Williams sisters and Halep are a few of my favorites.

YMCA and Guava Gardens party
This afternoon I plan to bike over to the YMCA to work out. Then, this afternoon Guava Gardens is hosting an Independence Day Party for tenants. Burgers and hot dogs! :)

Friday, July 01, 2016


Over at the County Library, there was a box of books for sale for 10 cents each! In the box I spied the book, "Seabiscuit".

I just love the movie about Seabiscuit. I believe that I blogged to you about how I feel about Seabiscuit the movie. Also, just a couple of days after beginning my great adventure with MsTioga in June, 2003, I visited the ranch where Seabiscuit had lived in Willits, California!

Book better than the movie!
As soon as I began to read the Seabiscuit book, I found that I could not put it down! The book covers Charles Howard, Seabiscuit and the others so much better.

The book