Friday, July 22, 2016

Gone-Not Forgotten

This morning, I was able to talk to the yard manager at Jim's Towing Service in Bakersfield. He told me, "About a week ago MsTioga was sold to a local charity."

So, MsTioga is gone forever. But not forgotten. I am glad that the things of value inside her will likely now end up useful to somebody.

It is magical that I was able to get one last look at MsTioga in a Google Earth image. Almost as if she called out to me in the only way available to her.



  1. She'll be telling the new owners some fine stories!!

  2. George you and MsTioga may have been the first to post your daily travels and be payed based on the number of viewers. Now there are many who are walking in your footsteps -- one who comes to mind is Nomadic Fanatic on Youtube.

  3. We will always remember Ms. Tioga! She was responsible for convincing us to venture into Mexico the first time.

  4. I wish you knew which charity. Those personal things that meant so much to you won't be worth much money, but they are worth much to your heart. Gee. Only a week ago. That hurts.

    Some of these people who do the social media thing need to get busy & see if some of your treasures could be found. I have heard of greater miracles. Meanwhile, feel the love for you here, George. Rose

  5. Kelly and I remember with great fondness sitting in Ms Tioga chatting with you one frosty desert morning in Ajo Arizona back on December 2nd of 2011.

    1. I remember that day too! That was when the famous Bayfield Bunch, Kelly and Al, came knocking on MsTioga's door.


  6. I'm sad. I was hoping you would get to see her again. Maybe the charity is close by.

  7. Who knows the whys of life? Perhaps for a reason we will never know you have been denied access. That old is what it is!