Wednesday, July 13, 2016

No more 6-packs

In order to keep the Impatien flowers going strong in my balcony garden, every couple of months I'd go to the Armstrong Garden Center and buy some 6-packs. Then I'd examine the pots of flowers and pick the Impatiens that looked the worst to plant the flowers growing in the 6-pack.

Yesterday I watched a YouTube video from a gardener who told about how easy it is to take cuttings from Impatiens and create a whole new plant! That sounded wonderful to me.

In the pic below is the worst Impatien pot in my garden. All that I do is find a stem with a couple of leaves and some nodes. The bottom end of the stem must be cut on an angle. Then the stem end is dipped in a little honey which acts like a root hormone.

I make a hole in the soil for the cutting with my finger, and plant the cutting. The new cuttings have to be kept in damp soil all the time. No drying out!

Three new Impatien plants from cuttings



  1. You can also use this same method for tomato plants and coleus plants. Good luck with your new plants!

  2. I look forward to watching these grow!! Neat how you keep coming up with something new you have learned. Guess that "old dog" story doesn't fit George! (The one about new tricks.)

    1. Hi RunNRose!
      The hard thing for me in this lightning change World, is to have the discipline to stick with something that I am doing [like the balcony garden].

      There is tremendous pull on me from all the new stuff out there! If I yield, I'll wind up doing everything and accomplish nothing! :(



  3. Hi George!
    The plant starter thing is takes a long tine to get flowering plants from them. It's o.k. to buy the bigger pots from the nursery...instant gratification...ha..ha..Still cheaper than buying flowers from a store...