Friday, July 29, 2016

Sabbath at Mission Bay

This evening, Temple Emanu-El is having our Shabbat [Sabbath] Service at Ventura Cove on Mission Bay. This is very exciting for me. I really love that our rabbi and the temple leaders, come up with ideas like this!

I do not know how a Shabbat Service will work at Ventura Cove. But I imagine that we will gather on a grass covered place. Some of the congregation may bring lawn chairs. Some blankets and sit on the grass. Maybe our Torah will be carried there [Torah is the five books of Moses-The Old Testament]. Torah is a scroll.

Shabbat is a very special day for Jews. All the other days are just named numbers. For example; Sunday is called, "First day" and Monday is "Second day", etc. But the seventh day is special and is named "Shabbat" [Rest].

This could be our Shabbat place this evening

Uber Taxi
3pm - I just made the decision to use Uber Taxi to travel to the Shabbat service at Ventura Cove. The general decline in my physical self makes driving after sunset a bad idea.

By general decline, I refer to balance/stability and reflexes/coordination. Also, the control issues with my right hand and arm.

I have not felt changes in my vision,  smell, taste or touch. My memory and ability to analyzing things does not appear to be affected.



  1. What better place to worship than in the midst of God's glory? Beautiful spot....enjoy.

  2. What a beautiful place to have a service.

  3. Hi George - Just read this article and wondered if you are taking any herb or vitamin supplements that might be causing your physical problems.


  4. Good choice George to take a taxi -- safety first.